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It is difficult to specify with certainty what is the origin of poverty, since there are many
reasons that may determine its existence, despite this there are some such factors
as the model of economic system, the type of government, the style of administration,
the culture, the intrinsic ethnic group, the geographical position and the resources with which
account, among others, can be constituted according to the way they are presented, in
the propellers of poverty, depending on the historical circumstances in which
is the country. Starting from the fact that poverty is inherent to the existence
of humanity itself, the problem arises when it reaches such dimensions
that affect the social balance.
In the frame of the previous considerations, the present study was elaborated
entitled "POVERTY IN VENEZUELA", a special case of analysis, situation of
staff of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. It is done as a
evaluation requirement in the subject Labor Statistics, a subject that is part of the
pensum of study of the Magister "ADMINISTRACION DEL LA JOBA Y
LABOR RELATIONS ", the development of it was carried out following the
documentary and bibliographical methodology, remaining in two chapters.
In the first place, poverty in Venezuela, historicity and its incidence in the
levels of performance, and secondly, the situation of the
staff of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences in the context of poverty
The study carried out demonstrates the dimensions of poverty both globally and
that currently undermine the economic growth of the vast majority of

Venezuela has a large amount of natural resources that place it in a
privileged situation with respect to most Latin American countries, not
However, there is a lot of poverty, which is why it is described as a rich country with
many poor people, an expression that is becoming more and more evident, because of a
series of factors that according to the information provided by the statistics have gone
taking through the historical evolution of Venezuela, magnitudes of greater quantity,
such as: an increasingly high concentration of income, high
unemployment, high number of inhabitants, high cost of living, high percentage of
malnutrition and increase in the mortality rate.
The upward behavior of these factors leads to a growth of poverty in
Venezuela. In this sense, an overview will be made of how the confluence has been
of these elements, and based on them make some inferences about the repercussions
in the human resource, specifically in its performance.

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Poverty is reflected by the spiritual level that we carry within ourselves, the only poverty that God wants and desires is that of spirit, the material comes from our slave mentality of Egypt, the word of God says: my people perish for lack of knowledge.


Very wise words. thank you apostle.