to yield is to sin

3년 전

The man as part of his search for happiness ends up moving away from God to be able to fulfill his desires and thus obtain fame, money, power, love, etc. the enemy who walks like a roaring lion and only desires to destroy knows all this and procures the way of that man is tempted and we fall into sin and thus we distance ourselves from God.

They are not satisfied with what they have or have, much less with what God has given them, so in the name of that much desired happiness they let themselves be carried away by desires of their flesh and thus they fall easily and then begin to experience feelings of emptiness, loneliness, sadness and come to give less value their own lives

As the bible tells of the happiest couple of all in the world and at all times. What was it? The first couple did not know that it was sin, God created them perfect, put them in a perfect place, Adam and Eve. Did they not enjoy full happiness?

Satan works boldly by deceiving them to the point of wanting to be like God without thinking that this would be bad. They had never known sin and they had never been tempted but they could not resist it, resulting in separation from God. Many before they fell into sin was present temptation.

Then we can say that temptation gives rise to sin, temptation is that which presents you as bad as good, as opportunities, it encourages you to practice the desires of the flesh, that which definitely does not please God and which proves your character, your faith and your obedience and that its only end is death.

We can not say that Eve and Adam were not prevented by God but they were tempted and of course sinned, God also warns us that it is the bad and the good, that he likes and dislikes, so we will not have excuses before God to sin. We do not know how to throw away everything good that she had in her life, she does not believe God but you know how the story ends, sin is death, it is better not to fall into temptation.

For this we must strengthen ourselves in the Spirit and allow that in us reign more the spirit than the flesh, that we trust in what God has for us, because, this will be pleasant and perfect.

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