I've learnt to count my days...


The psalmist says "count your days that you may apply it unto wisdom "...

Do you wanna know how I felt after reading that scripture?

Oh my goodness, I felt terribly confused after I read that scripture.

I closed that page and went on to read another but my spirit man wouldn't let me be.

Indeed, revelations come by meditation. Yes, I just kept meditating even in my subconscious the very passage I closed on.

Then one day, it so occurred to me while carrying out some chores in the kitchen that :

As believers in Christ Jesus, one needs to be conscious about every word of wisdom or prophecy put forth in the scriptures.

If one doesn't learn how to count his days, how is supposed to know that "perilous time shall come... ",

that before the day the son of God will appear again in the sky that there are signs to watch out for,

that the devil cometh but to steal, to kill and to destroy...,

that only those who shall endure to the end same shall be saved.

...and wisdom demands that you watch and pray while waiting for the second coming of Christ Jesus.

Happy weekend everyone 😍

Remain rapturable... Am delighted to be a part of the body of Christ here... Under the platform of @steemchurch... Thanks senior @uyobong for the introduction 🙏

I hope you'll learn to count your days too...
Much love 😘BeautyPlus_20190602133017_fast.jpg

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Dear @Asaha

Welcome to @Steemchurch International Ministries. We are excited at your readiness to identify with Steemchurch International. We bid you to communicate with @Sc-n leadership - @Uyobong on how to declare your membership to this community of love as there are more blessings for you here.

Endeavour to visit the @sc-n blog for our latest updates.


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I definitely will... Thanks

Counting our days is crucial for us that we be conscious of how close we are to our end. This consciousness will help us seek purpose.

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