TURN THIS STONES INTO BREAD - Learn To Overcome Temptations

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I am not a preacher but just an ordinary laity of the Christian religious faith, trying to do God's word in other to gain eternal salvation at the end of time. Every religion believes that there is one supreme being who made all things, judges and rules over them, but the ways of worship is continuously different.

Hence, the point am trying to drive at here, bothers on temptation.

Christianity teaches us that on the six day, God made the first man Adam in his own image and likeness, gave him dominion to rule all creations and look after them but along the line, he was tempted and failed which unleashed sin into mother earth.

Sin being a barrier us and him, unveiled a lot of evil which made mother earth very difficult for the existence of man, needed to reconcile us back to himself and the only way out was sending down his son Jesus who took the flesh of man and born of a virgin Mother Mary. Salvation of man hadn't been on a platter of gold owing to how it's been designed to happen, revealed as prophecy through the prophets.
Temptation could look very simple to for one to fall prey but the nemesis that it carries with it can be disastrous. I kept wondering on my own on the reason why God didn't command temptation to disappear and it will flee but rather he allowed it to coexist alongside the good and i keep wondering, asking myself why???!!!!!

A second thought drove me back to the temptation of Jesus by satan.
According to the scriptures, its written that before Jesus began his work, he fasted for 40days and 40nights, praying to his father so as to prepare himself for the task ahead. It's recorded that immediately Jesus finished his fasting and came out, very hungry and needed food to eat, he met Satan who threw his first temptation challenge at him.

The Satan didn't succeed with the temptations as Jesus had them all turn down, totally defeating Satan at his own game but what really got me thinking was the part were he had asked Jesus to turn stone into bread so that he could eat and quench his hunger at that time.

Mathew 4:3

At that time that time the devil came and said to him, "If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become loaves of bread."


Firstly, this is the best part where every human being would have love to take advantage of in other to showcase a proof of the power he posses. An option to drive hunger instantly without going into search for food for hours and accruing self glory but he turn it down.
This gets me thinking how many times we had been the pioneers of self glory, doing things that we might b noticed, applauded and thereby falling pray of the temptation of the enemy, accruing the anger of our maker upon us.

Secondly, it's very obvious to note that Satan indeed knew that Jesus had powers to make all things possible and yet went ahead go tempt him, but Jesus knowing whom he is and the power to overcome which flows inside of him was able to overcome the trial which means that we have the power inside of us to override every temptation that comes our way, if only we can discover who we are.

And lastly, the devil knew that Jesus is the son of God, maker of all things and yet went ahead to tempt him and God the father in heaven couldn't stop that from happening. Now the big question is, what if he had fallen for the temptations?
That absolutely mean that Christianity would have been a mission impossible but yet he let his son to undergo the trials. This teaches us a simple lesson that no one is above temptation and trials but the most important thing is that by the grace of God who strengthens us, we will always overcome.

Common Lessons Learnt


√ Never do things in other to be praised or earn self glory, you may never know the intent of the enemy

√ Don't please others to displease yourself, you may end up realizing that you have been stabbed atvthe back while focusing on the front line

√ Learn to discover the power that you carry inside of you, with it you shall always overcome.

√ Seek the consent of your father in heaven through prayers, no resource can live a moment if detached from its source

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