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As the days of Noah were, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.
(Matthew 24:37)(Luke17:26)
SAME CONDITIONS (all they did, the way they lived)
Just as it was in Noah's generation (Genesis 6:5-8)
God said " I will finish it'
in God's anger and wrath towards humanity, There was a man who was not defined/influenced by his environment called Noah, He was righteous, blameless & faithful ....He found favor in Gods eyes.
same in our generation, God is searching for something "Noah's package".
God is moving us through CRISIS to the end of time.
God is changing time/seasons, SYSTEMS OF THE WORLD FALLEN APART.
& God is saying "COME INTO THE ARK"
(a place of safety, the structure of our life)
In the days of evil, continuous wickedness of man,
In the days God is angry & vexed up.
NOAH kept God's standard.
He Noah) listened/obeyed to the divine instruction of God (to build the ark)
He had an unwavering commitment to the mission/vision, consistency, endurance, longevity (No matter how long(years)it took him in building the ark, He didn't give up)
He listened to Gods word & translated it into actions.
so that through the divine instruction from God we therefore structure/shape our lives to reveal Christ.
The emphasis of another realm is reflected through us.
If God is searching & wants to see it(Noah's package ).
it is possible to be it.
because God has given us resources and capacities flowing from heaven to be that which He is looking for.
God wants to shape us to stand in the time of crisis.
The FLOOD represents CRISIS
Just as the flood activated the functioning of the ark (without the the floods the ark wouldn't have been functional...so we say, the floods birthed the ark )and finalized the time.....
The crisis activates us, it highlights our authority, births us & finalizes our faith.
God is demanding we build our lives according to the instruction/ patterns given in His word (the bible).
So, like Noah, after building the ark, & the floods came, he floated above the floods....
For us, after building our lives according to God's divine instructions, in the days of CRISIS we will be lifted as well.
*We are in the finishing generation.
*We are moving to the END OF TIME....
As we prepare for the coming of our Saviour.
#understanding your season/days/time

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