How close are you to Jesus


John in is gospel, made us understand that in the beginning was the Word which everything you can ever think of was made, and nothing was made without that Word. He went further to state that the Word came to the World and the world knew Him not even though everything was made through Him which automatically makes Him the solution to anything you can think of.

I think its an irony. And also stupidity on our part to deny Jesus Christ who is the solution to anything we can think of. I hear a lot of people dying of depression and all kinds of things like that. The cause of the issues to me is funny but we are all different people.

A youngman here in Nigeria hanged himself to death on a tree simply because the girl he invested all his cash to train in school with the plan of getting married to eventually got married to another man. This cause of depression is what Jesus Christ the whom nothing was made without can fix only if we call on Him. He is more than able and most of all, He is willing.

Let's learn to direct our problems to Him, instead of taking actions we would end up regretting. Let's remember God lives us and wants the best for us. But rather we are the ones turning away from Him. John 1:10

God bless you all.

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