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The world have been hit by a rocket, and everyone is running here and there. But I believe that God is trying to tell or show us something. We need to acknowledge the suprimecy of God over everything in the world.

Here in nigeria, the news we have heard about covid 19 have been in the home of the super rich people and people who holds the power of authority. I believe God is indeed at work. Now that we are sitting at home, let's pray for the world. This is not a time to be weak, we need to ask God for mercy and pray for his grace and yet his will in our lives and in the world.

My sympathy to all the affected people am indeed sorry, and I hope the solution comes out as soon as possible so the world can know peace once more. Please play your part in staying at home and avoid contact. Your life means a lot yo us the rest of the world.

My prayer is that God gives us a final solution to the issue at hand.

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