Who is glad am back?


Greetings to you wonderful steemians. Am glad to be back here again after a long time away, it has never been my intentions but struggles of life got me relocated from my former base in lagos state Nigeria to imo state nigeria.

The poor level of power supply here have really disturbed my activities and most of all more struggle and financial instability. But all is fine, I know am picking up.

Special thanks to my friend @apeximomen who was able to transfer me data knowing I was going to pay. Thanks to you bro. I so much miss all my steemchurch parishioners those from Venezuela, Nigerian and Ghana.

Am more like an infant and need to be nurtured again. So please don't relent in updating me. I am here again to a place I love so much. I miss you all a bunch and I love you all greatly.

Tell everyone that @charleswealth is back.

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You went away and now you are back and you miss use introduceyourself tag that not ok


So sorry about that..

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Welcome back

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Please DO NOT spam curated tags such as "introduceyourself"

The #introduceyourself tag is for creating one introductory post that tells us about you. Users are encouraged to use this tag exclusively for that and not to reuse it.

Reusing the tag to trigger the welcoming bots and farm upvotes is considered both spam and exploitation. Repeated attempts to exploit and spam this tag will result in your account being Blacklisted.

More information:

The Game of Tags

To appeal please visit the Steemcleaners Discord #mack-bot-and-spaminator room: https://discord.gg/kZ56egV


Am so sorry about that... Thanks for calling me to order

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