Don't Pretend You Don't See The Plight Of Others Around



When you are kind to the poor, you honour God. - Proverbs 14:31

I know how hectic it could be to keep up with a lot of demand coming from different angles of your life...You have your kid's school fees to pay, your extended family members are always calling for your financial support, etc.

Jesus, during his ministry on earth went through the same thing. He had his mother calling for his attention, he had the twelve to mentor but Jesus was still COMPASSIONATE.

To be compassionate doesn't mean you have to give your ALL to people, it simply means sharing in the plight of others. How do you react when someone comes to you with their problem, do you check on others around you even if you don't have solution to their problems.

I encourage you today to give you ears & hands of help to the needy around you, never stop helping others regardless of the funny results you are getting from people.

You can't be a good WO(man) without a compassionate heart. - SUJ

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