To Succeed More, You Have To Be Courageous!


You have to be courageous in order to succeed more - JOE

The Easter season have motivated me to look at the life of Thomas and how courageous he was amongst the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. I am going to discuss on some scenarios that shows his courage and compare it to ours.

Like the other disciples who had their strengths and weaknesses, Thomas was not exempted. On his strength, he was a man of courage in the manner he spoke to Jesus and the way he asked questions even when the other disciples were either quiet or not sure of what to say.

He was a man of courage. He displayed his courage when he spoke of his willingness to go and die with Jesus Christ in Judaea at that time when the other disciples were dissuading Jesus from going to Judaea (John 11:16).

It could be recalled that Jesus had earlier escaped being stone to death in Judaea, and as such, it was Thomas who picked up the courage to demand that they should go with Jesus so that they will die with him. The journey turn out to be a success because Lazarus was brought back to life.

We have seen in another scenario where Thomas asked, "how can we know the way?" His courage to ask this question led to an elaborate knowledge about the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ. (John 14:25)

Finally, Thomas act of courage when he demanded to see and touch Jesus Christ after resurrection, made Jesus showed Himself to him. He succeeded in touching and chatting with Jesus Christ.

As a manufacturer, do you have a feeling that you can't achieve that target? Be courageous and work on your models for a successful product.

As a student, do you see that your school assignment as having the most difficult questions? Be courageous to attempt them because it will lead you to succeed in your field.

You can truly achieve more when you have the courage to try. - JOE

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