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God wants to take you through a process of liberation so that you leave the emotional, mental, and spiritual captivity, so that you are free to dream.


The economic crisis can make people get used to living under temporary circumstances. The worst thing that can happen in the middle of a crisis is that you think that it will always be this way, and that you make plans in your life, based on something that could change tomorrow.

Many people have stopped dreaming, ceasing to project themselves based on the way God sees them, to project themselves based on their current circumstances.

In Psalm 126, the psalmist says that when Jehovah brings back the quantum of Zion, we will be like those who dream. And he mentions the characteristics of those who dream.

Those who dream have their mouths full of joy; in his mouth there is constant praise. When a person is not able to laugh, and in his language there is no praise, and what he does is to speak negative all the time, that person lets you know that he is not dreaming.

The dreamers live in joy, they live beyond the present circumstances.

A dream is nothing other than the opportunity that God gives man to rise to a greater level and look from the spiritual world at the divine projection to the present circumstances.

To Ezekiel, God gave him a vision in the valley of dry bones that gave him the opportunity to understand what was happening around him in the town of Israel. Noah was a visionary, who built the first cruise when it had never yet rained. Jacob was a dreamer who, in the midst of his worst problems, instead of having a nightmare, dreamed. David dreamed of being great, with success, with victory; That's why he did not fear Goliath. We see José, who in the middle of everything, his dream was what kept him alive.

What keeps you alive in the midst of difficult circumstances is your ability to dream, to know that your present is not your end, that it is not the last; That your future is in the hands of God and in the decisions that you make today; That there is no problem or difficulty or situation or anything that the world can do that can stop what is inside you.

Dreaming is a very good way to know who your friends are and who is not, because when you declare your dreams the hearts of those next to you are revealed, and you can know who supports you and who does not. That's why it's better to say it as soon as possible, so you invest less time in the wrong people. If you have enemies, it is because you have a dream, there are goals, visions, aspirations. If there are people who do not understand you, it is because you have a dream. What you can not allow is that your life be overshadowed by difficulties and situations, leading you to lose everything that God has established for you.

A dreamer, sometimes, does not know the distinction between the real, the natural, and what has not yet manifested. Those who dream do not see things as others see them; They are projected in another dimension, in another level. The day must come when you live above all circumstances. Peter said that the same sufferings that you have, are passed on by other Christians. The enemy is the same, the evil is the same; But, in the same way, good and Almighty God remains the same.

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We can be successful in life and overcome all obstacles in life life if we always dream high. As children of God, we should always dream high and resist to changes in life. Thank you @darlenys01

What were get in life is greatly influenced by who we believe in, what we believe in and the very mindset we wake up with everyday.
Believe in God and then in yourself, believe all things are possible, and wake up with a positive mindset and see how much good you'll achieve.
Well-done @darlenys01

all people have dreams to fulfill, thanks @darlenys01 for reminding us that we are dreamers.

Wonderful post @ darlenys01, dreams are possible if we place our trust in God.

we will be like those who dream @darlenys01.

some of the stories that impact me is that of the dreamer Jose.


Some of the stories
That impact me is that of
The dreamer Jose.

                 - renew2018

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The dreamers live in joy, they live beyond the present circumstances.
A dream is nothing other than the opportunity that God gives man to rise to a higher level and look from the spiritual world to the divine projection to the current circumstances.

The power to dream big is above the circumstances, as long as the focus of our faith is Christ. Crises are circumstantial, but living dreaming like Joseph, can lead us to occupy positions of high rank in life. Good post.