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According to a survey by the Barna research group, most Christians have no idea what their spiritual gifts may be. The study indicates that 69% of the interviewers could not identify even one of the spiritual gifts contained in the bible (the passages that talk about spiritual gifts are Ro 12: 6-12 1Co 12: 8-10, 28- 30, Eph 4: 11 and 1 P 4: 9-11).

Moreover, a broad list of characteristics that are not in the bible were mentioned as "spiritual gifts" by the pollsters: being a good person, having a sense of humor, having good health, being friendly, being honest, having the ability to listen to others, be patient, and have a pleasant personality. Most people are very ill informed about this issue. George Barna, Director of the research project pointed out that there was considerable confusion between the fruits of the spirit and the spiritual gifts.


Definitely if we want to be understood of the purpose of God for our life, we must be able to identify what are the gifts with which God has enabled us to serve him. In the same way that our temperament points to our vocation, the spiritual gifts we have received are evidence of the kind of call God has made to us. Knowing our spiritual gifts will help us to be more aware of their presence in our lives and thus be able to exercise them when necessary.
Below you will find a list of spiritual gifts contained in the bible, as well as referrals of characters in which they are manifested. I am sure that if you take the time to study each of these biblical references, before you finish the list you will have discovered at least one of the most important gifts that already operate in your life and that you should continue to develop, as they will greatly help you. to fulfill your call.

Mercy: the ability to feel genuine sympathy and compassion for people who suffer from physical, mental and emotional problems, and translate that compassion with works that are done with joy and reflect the love of Christ to relieve suffering. Matthew 20: 29-34, 25: 34-40; Mark 9:41; Luke 10: 33-35; Acts 11: 28-30, 16: 33-34; Romans 12: 8.

Exhortation: thanks to minister words of comfort, encouragement and advice to other members of the body in such a way that they are helped and healed. Acts 14:22; Romans 12: 8; 1 Timothy 4:13; Hebrews 10:25.
Give: the willingness to contribute with their own material resources for the work of God with freedom and joy. Mark: 12: 14-44; Romans: 12: 8,8 2 Corinthians: 8: 1-7: 9: 2-8.


Help: the willingness to invest their talents in the life and ministry of other body ministries of Christ in order to allow them to increase the efficiency of their own spiritual gifts. Mark: 15:40, 41; Lucas: 8.2.3; Facts: 9:36; Romans: 16: 1,2; 1 Corinthians 12; 28

Leadership: the ability to set goals according to God's purpose for the future and to communicate those goals to others in such a way that they willingly work together to achieve those purposes for the glory of God, Luke: 9:51; Acts 7:10, 15: 7-11: Romans: 12: 8; 1Timothy: 5:17; Hebrews: 13; 17.

Administrator: the ability to clearly understand immediate and long-term goals, and to design and execute effective plans to reach those goals. Luke: 14: 28-30; Facts: 6: 1-7,27: 11; 1 Corinthians 12:28, Titus: 1: 5.
Hospitality: the provision of providing an open house and a warm welcome to those in need of food and lodging. Acts: 16: 14,15; Romans: 12: 9-13, 16:23; Hebrews: 13: 1,2; 1 Peter 4: 9.

Service: the ability to identify needs that have not been met and make use of the resources available to cover them. Acts: 6: 1-7; Romans: 12: 7; Galatians: 6: 2, 10, 2 Timothy: 1: 16-18; Tito: 3:14.

Intercession: the willingness to pray for extended periods of time on a regular basis and see frequent and specific responses to their prayers to a much greater degree than an average Christian would expect. Luke: 22: 41-44, Acts: 12:12; Colossians: 1: 9-12,4: 12,13: 1 Timothy: 2: 1,2; James: 5: 14-16.

Liberation: the special ability that God gives certain members of the body of Christ to cast out demons and evil spirits. Matthew: 12: 22-32; Luke: 10: 12-20: Acts: 8: 5-8, 16: 16-18.
Apostle: the ability to minister with any other spiritual gift in a second culture in order to establish new works. Acts: 8: 4, 13: 2,3,22: 21; Romans: 10:15, 1 Corinthians: 9-19-23.

Prophecy: the ability to receive and communicate a message from God to his people through a declaration inspired by the Holy Spirit. Luke: 7:26; Acts: 15:32, 21: 9-11; Romans: 12: 6; 1 Corinthians: 12:10, 28: Ephphesians: 4: 11-14.

Shepherd: the willingness to assume a long-term personal responsibility for the spiritual welfare of a group of believers. John: 10: 1,18;, Ephphesians: 4: 11-14; Timothy: 3: 1-7: 1 Peter: 5: 1-3.

Teaching: the ability to communicate relevant information for the edification and formation of the body of Christ, and its members in such a way that others can take advantage of it. Acts: 18: 24-28, 20:20, 21; Romans: 4: 11-14; 2. Timothy: 12:28; Ephesians: 4: 11-14.

Evangelist: the boldness to share the gospel with non-believers in such a way that they become disciples of Jesus and members responsible for the body of Christ. Facts: 8: 5,6,26-40, 14: 21,21: 8. Efecios: 4: 11-14; 2 Timothy: 4: 5.

Wisdom: the sensibility to know the mind of the Holy Spirit in such a way that they will receive an understanding to apply the knowledge received in the best way to the specific needs of the body of Christ. Acts: 6: 3,10; 1 Corinthians: 2: 1-13. 12: 8; Santigo: 1:56: 2 Peter: 3: 15.16.

Knowledge: the ability to discover, accumulate, analyze and clarify information and ideas that are relevant to the well-being of the body. Facts: 5: 1-11; 1 Corinthians 2:14; 12.8: 2 Corinthians: 11: 6; Colossians: 2: 2,3.

Faith: the ability to discern with extraordinary confidence the will and purpose of God for his work. Acts: 11: 22-24, 27: 21-25: Romans: 4: 18-21; 1 Corinthians: 12: 9; Facts: 11.

Discernment of Spirit: the ability to know with certainty the origin of a person's behavior to determine if it is divine, human or satanic. Matthew: 16: 21-23; Acts: 5: 1-11, 16: 16-18, 1 Corinthians: 12:10; 1 John: 4: 1-6.

Miracles: the grace to serve as an intermediary through which powerful acts of God that have the ability to alternate the ordinary course of nature are manifested. Acts: 9: 36-42, 19: 11-20, 20: 7-12, Romans: 15:18, 19; 1 Corinthians: 12: 10,28; 2 Corinthians: 12: 12.

Healing: the grace to serve as intermediaries through whom God manifests his power to heal diseases and restore health naturally. Facts: 3: 1-10,5: 12-16,9: 32-35,28: 7-10; 1 Corinthians: 12: 9,28.

Languages: the ability to speak to God in a language they have never learned, and to receive and communicate an immediate message from God to his people through a devoutly anointed declaration. Mark: 16:17; Acts: 2: 1-13, 10: 44-46, 19: 1-7; 1 Corinthians: 12: 10,28, 1 Corinthians: 14: 13-19.

Interpretation of Languages: the ability to make known in an understandable message what has been spoken in tongues. 1 Corinthians: 12:10, 30, 14: 13,26-28.

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A well said sister, thanks for blessing the steemchurch community

Excellent Apostle Darlenys, is a content very rich in information and well detailed with its biblical foundations. I believe that this message clarifies the confusion between fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit. thanks again for sharing.

I like that signature of your publication, I think that you and Sirknight are two querreros that are opening the way to freedom in Blockchain. Blessings

Hello friend @ Darlenys01 God gives gifts to each person, in his time that is perfect, we just have to wait and seek first the Kingdom and justice.

God uses whatever He wants and whenever He wants. we just have to wait. to give us the Spiritual gifts.

Our spiritual children are given by God. It is incredible what God can do through us.
God uses us as He wants. But his love is Greater every morning.

Apostol @darlenys01, this breakdown of spiritual gifts is helpful in identifying with what gift we have been called to serve in the body of Christ, thank you because this has made me think and reflect, God continue blessing!

The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us with his gifts, as seven gifts of the Holy Spirit say. But the gift of wisdom brings us into the depths of God. Knowing what the gift that God has given us is of the utmost importance in our Christian life. Spiritual gifts are blessings and aptitudes that we receive by his grace and given through the power of the holy spirit. Every faithful member of the church has gifts, only that they have to look diligently. Thank you apostol @darlenys for sharing this teaching. Blessings.

Dear apostle, we all have gifts, the importance is in recognizing them and applying them according to God's will.

Hello, the task you propose is interesting. Of course we must delve into the knowledge of the Sacred Scriptures to know and accept the message and purpose that God is indicating for our lives. Thank you for sharing these teachings @ darlenys01. Blessings

Knowing our gifts gives us a correct direction in life. Thank you for sharing this powerful teaching