Have you said 'Thank you God ' this morning?

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When we sleep, we are no longer in control of our lives; we are not in control of what we do; what we say; and how we behave. Some may argue that they don't talk while sleeping,but truth is, a lot of us talk in our sleep.
Who then controls all these?!

When we journey, we are not in control of the atmosphere, the weather condition, the vehicle (even though there's a driver),as well as the highway and all.

Who takes control of our health status, when we live healthily and when we fall ill?
When doctors prescribe drugs and they are consumed as prescribed, who initiates the recovery process, and subsequently prefects it?
Don't forget, some other people would also take medications duly,yet they will pass to the world beyond.
This shows that there is someone who controls life. Who gives life and takes it back at a time no one else,but him alone knows.
Who could he be?!

The air we breathe, ever wondered who makes it readily available?
We breathe at will, and sometimes even go as far as making jest of this free gift by blocking our airways (nostrils) for just a second, and the next,we gasping for air.
I hope you haven't forgotten what it costs for a hospital to make available to you it's oxygen, for just an hour?!
I know you haven't.

Be thankful for life!

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