Affecting others positively.

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You cannot live for others except you first live for God.


It takes dominion mind-set to be of help to others. If God's word does not dwell richly in your heart, it will be impossible for you to live for others. It is he that motivates you to live a self-sacrificing life. God fore showed you how to love others. He took the initiative and loved you by giving himself to you. What better way can you imitate God?

Righteousness means have a right standing with God. Walking uprightly in effect involves living your life for others. The Lord will be a shield for he who walks uprightly. Therefore it is God's desire that you become a helper or a blessing to another man.

If you do not imbibe by this kingdom principle, you are far from prosperity. If your salary or income is strictly meant for your immediate family member, then you are doomed. In no distant time, you will start eating from hand to mouth. Sons and daughters, learn to give to others. Take steps to ask about the welfare of other people. Invest in their lives.. Consciously affect people's lives.

As God blesses you, don't hold back the blessings from people. And God knows how best to reward you. Above all, don't look down on the poor. Never cast them out, because if you do so, you are looking down on the God who created them. Be wise! Be smart! The moment you start practicing this, the sky will will be your starting point.

What will you be remembered for? Remember, living for others is a great gain!!

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"He took the initiative and loved you by giving himself to you."
By giving his life. He died so we could have life.
"What better way can you imitate God?"
I don't think I can imitate God. Can you imitate God without making a fool of yourself or making it look like you're mocking him?
"Walking uprightly in effect involves living your life for others."
No man is righteous Romans 3:10-12. We shouldn't live our life serving others, we should live for God alone. Others will only bring you pain but God is the only one who will heal it.
"If you do not imbibe by this kingdom principle, you are far from prosperity."
The kingdom of God is not of this world John 18:36 (at least not yet). And we are instructed not to love the world or the pride of life that many now call "prosperity" 1 John 2:15-17.


You don't seem to get my point.
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The best way to affect other people's life is by showing them the way..

God blessed us so that we could be a blessing to others.