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my dear brothers and sisters hope your evening is going on well.
We need to know who is a sinner.
Who is a sinner?
A sinner is a person that live a life contrary to God commandment. When wevsin against God, will have created an obstacle between God and your spiritual being.
In the book of Romans 6 vs 23 which says that ''For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our lord''. My brothers and sisters reading this post as you have seen in this write up that the punishment of sin is death.
It is high time for you to live a life without sin. Therefore if you are reading this post and your life is not right with God, it is time to seek the face of God by confessing your sin and asking God for forgiveness.
Respect this write up by saying this.

Lord Jesus, am sorry for my sin, please i need you in me, come into my life and cleans me. I accept you as my lord and personal savior, thank you for my sins are forgiven for i have confess in Jesus name Amen.
Congratulations for you are saved.
Go and sin no more.

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