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No matter how we pray, attitude has its place. This is the strong truth a lot of Christian fail to know. Prayer is good but prayer alone isn't the answer to everything. Somewhere in the scriptures, the Bible says that before we pray, he will answer. You know why? Because we've exhibited attitudes that will attract miracles.

God is a Spirit and for Him to bless you, He need to pass through a man. If you lack good relationships with people, you'll hardly be blessed. God works with relationships. Therefore, endeavour to develop positive interpersonal relationships and not the toxic relationships that repels . You must learn to treat people with courtesy, with respect, with dignity.

Sometimes, we are our demons. Our bad attitudes are our destiny killers. Some of you have insulted people that were divinely orchestrated to help you. Some of you are keeping malice with your destiny helpers. Some of you are still suffering, not because you lack talent but because you lack character.

Talent is attractive. Anyone can be talented but character is a proof of discipline, a proof of responsibility. Character sustains the attraction that talent gives you. Character is a virtue and sometimes what we call FAVOUR is triggered by this virtue. Proverbs 12:4

In all thy getting, get character. Respect people. Treat stranger with courtesy. Be kind! Your Angel won't always come like an Angel . Therefore, do not look down on anybody as God can change the destiny of anybody.

Character is what defines you. It’s what people see in you. It’s what people will say about you after you pass away. Character is one of the most important things you have. How are you investing in yours? Do people see your faith in what you do? Is your character reflected in how you serve the Kingdom? Remember that when you pass away, Jesus will either say, “welcome, job well done" or “I never knew you; be gone!" You have right now to decide where your future is...

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