God is always as faithful as he has promised

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Writing to the Corinthians, Paul said the promises of God through Christ are 'Yea and
Amen'. in other words, whatever God promises stands. The reason for this is highlighted today in the passage before us: God is faithful! We need to know, however, that God does not expect us to figure out how promises to us will come to pass; He wants to be involved in every inch of the way. Take an illustration on this. One day Jesus told the disciples that some would not taste death before they see the Son of God coming in the glory of His kingdom. That's a promise of a sort.
The fulfillment of that played out in Matthew 17. Verse 1 specifically notes that Jesus led Peter, James, and John to the mountain where they eventually saw Jesus in glory. What was the basic difference between those who saw glory and those who didn't? It is this: those who saw the glory were led by the One who promised; while the others did not have the same leading. Most times, we only wait to hear the latest of God's promises; we don't wait to be led. We must keep in mind that when God gives a promise, He is the only one that can lead us step by step until it is fulfilled. Is there any promise of God to you that is still pending? Ask Him to lead you to its fulfillment.


The reliability of God is valid and has been demonstrated ordinarily. In the Holy Scriptures, we can see that God is devoted and His Word is valid. Jews 6:18 says God can't lie, nor would he be able to break a genuine guarantee that He says He will satisfy. Each agreement He made is kept. Each guarantee or foreseeing has or will work out as expected. A great many testimonies of God's loyalty is absolutely found all through the Bible is as yet given in declarations by individuals today.

Truth be told, records of contracts amongst God and His kin can be discovered around 277 times in the Bible. Deuteronomy 7:9 says "Know in this way that the LORD your God will be God; he is the reliable God, keeping his contract of adoration to a thousand ages of the individuals who cherish him and keep his edicts."


Unwaveringness of God - Examples

The unwaveringness of God is distinctly obvious in His association with the Hebrew/Jewish individuals. God influenced a land to agreement with Abraham (patriarch of numerous countries) and has never pulled back what He has guaranteed. Despite the fact that the Jewish individuals have been scattered the world over, God guaranteed they would come back to the land He guaranteed Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and every one of their relatives (Zechariah 8:7-8).

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Individuals have moved mountains with their confidence. Notwithstanding when circumstances appeared to be desperate and disheartening, it was their confidence that brought them through. That is the place confidence lives.


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God is still God He has not changed this is the fact that most people are ignorant of. Nice and uplifting post