Being Led by the Spirit. What Christians must know...

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“…those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God” (Romans 8:14, NIV).


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Who are the children of God? Who are the children and little girls of Abraham? It is "the individuals who are driven by the Spirit of God". GLORY to God!

The unsaved can't be driven by the Spirit of God since they are not of the Spirit. They, be that as it may, may in the long run happen to the Spirit. Then again, the saved need to genuinely consider Paul's statement in Romans 8:14.

A Christian ought to dependably be mindful to the Holy Spirit's bearing.

We require, as Christians, to keep our reception apparatuses high and seeking, so we stay in contact with the reasoning of the Spirit at each purpose of our lives.

Think about the radar; it's dependably on the alarm. Once a plane gets into the radar's territory of scope the radar promptly yells, "A plane has quite recently entered my airspace!" That's precisely how ready Christians ought to dependably be!

We ought to never miss the Spirit's mind concerning our lives, not by any means once. A Christian who is constantly mindful to the Spirit can catch the musings and direction of the Spirit at every turn.

It doesn't imply that one ought to fundamentally hear a voice, although some individuals do hear God's voice. Indeed, even without hearing a voice, one would comprehend what God's thoughts are concerning any aspects of their life, if they are attentive.

You may choose to go some place, however before you go, you have to make the inquiry: "What does the Spirit of God say in regards to my plan?"

You may have been wronged by someone and you are thinking about your alternatives; you ought to solicit, "What does the Spirit from God anticipate that I will do under these conditions?"

You may be in a clothing shop, attempting to snatch some fashion trend. Before you buy, you ought to be in a situation to tell what the Spirit's mind is with respect to any thing of cloth that you may choose.

God is a God of a Christian's whole life; not only a piece of it. We consequently shouldn't surrender only a part of our lives and undertakings to God; rather, we should surrender each part of it! God ought to have the last say on everything concerning our lives.

I don't believe individuals who say God approves of everything that we may choose to do or to be; If He did then to me He wouldn't be God.

Thinking of why I said that?? Wait. Does your earthly dad favor of every little thing about you? Hasn't he guided you at one point to change certain things concerning your life? What more the Heavenly Father, the Father even to your dad!

We ought to never mistake our will for God's will. Under all conditions, it ought to be simple for a Christian come to a decision. All one needs to do is solicit themselves, "What is the mind of Spirit on this?" The mind of the Spirit turns into the final decision!

Some children of GOD are in not very great a shape. These individuals enable God to guide them just in a few aspects of their lives and remain private about specific regions. They reach certain decisions and stay put regardless of whether God were to guide them generally. That is disobedience!

Quite number of Christians disobey the Lord in specific regards. Notwithstanding when they know too well what God's heading is with respect to something about their lives, these individuals continue as though they don't know anything. Because they prefer it as such, they say, essentially, "Even God won't move me from this." What do you make of it?

The Bible specifies a few people who 'meandered from the faith" (see 1 Timothy 6:21). I wouldn't be suprised if any of the disobedient Christians inevitably meander from the faith, in light of the fact that their conduct is as of now inclined that way. They may wind up ignoring the Father in all things!

I entreat you to act and respond just in a way that is steady with the course of the Spirit. There may be something that you love to do, or a conduct that you may discover irresistible, or social affairs that you are weak to avoid. The main issue is, "What is the mind of the Spirit with respect to this?"

You ought to dependably be persuaded that your direct in life is precisely what the Spirit ordered.

"What is the mind of the Spirit on this? What does the Spirit teach me to do? Would God be satisfied if I somehow happened to do it this way?" That's the way Christians decide.

I have met Christians who say, "However I don't have the foggiest idea about the will of God in regards to this part of my life." In response I normally smile and say, "Don't stress over what you don't know now. What are you doing about that which you know?"

On the off chance that one did their best with respect to the will of God that they know, they are in a decent place. I think going ahead, the all the more such individuals find out about the will of God, the more they stick to it. Notwithstanding exhorting them about their circumstance, I likewise desire such individuals not to remain a moment in a condition of obliviousness since nothing prevents them from hunting the sacred writings down answers!

Similarly as I was going to sleep one day , the possibility of writting this message entered my mind. Since I was tired and needed to rest, I chose to postpone the writting until the following day. In any case, when I made the inquiry, "What does the Spirit say I ought to do?" I @loso understood that the Spirit needed me to wake up and compose the message straight away. So I did.

I beyond any doubt trust this sermon has helped you someway. In the event that it has, then it was worth my writing. Keep in mind that you will never mature if you don't give the Spirit free reign in your life.

God Bless Y'all !



I am your humble servant @loso from team Ghana

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Great thought about God thanks for info. about great christian Jesus is my source. thanks for sharing. keep doing.

  ·  2년 전

Such a great feeling I have when I see others proclaim boldly about JESUS
God bless you for having JESUS as your source🖒🖒 @raksha.

the spirit gives so much strenght and wisdom when and if fully felt..thanks for such an inspiration @loso

  ·  2년 전

Thanks for stopping by. Its indeed very vital for one to seek direction before making the necessary steps

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