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George Soros has been funding politicians world-wide who've promised to either stop enforcing laws, or repeal them completely.


As we told you first, he is the biblical "MAN OF LAWLESSNESS" described in 2 Thessalonians 2.

Google: "George Soros Decriminalization" to see examples of his international campaign against the rule of law.

The short video below touches upon some of his most recent efforts...

G. SOROS in the Bible Codes...

George Soros.jpg

G.SOROS had 1 occurrence in the Torah Codes and an extension to his name POISONING. THALLIUM is also a poison? The other words that showed up in this code seem to fit George Soros well.

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He hasn't painted a very good picture for himself.

But time is fast catching up on him. God has used time to subject all things to vanity, only they that trust in Jehovah God through faith in his Son will be made free from the bondage of corruption.

No one can battle with God.

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Soros should never be trusted.

Those descriptions in the code surely paint his picture well...