Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, peace be with you all. Today let us share the word of God

After Moses the servant of the Lord had died, the Lord spoke to Nun's son Joshua, announcing to him, My servant Moses is dead. Now get ready to cross the Jordan River you and all the people to the Land that I am giving Israelites.
Joshua 1:1-2

These words to Joshua get me thinking, Moses the servant of God is no more and the Lord Himself is informing Joshua about the death of Moses. We know Moses and how he met God, even his birth was a sign that he would be great. In the process of time, he led the sheep to the desert and there an angel of the Lord appeared to him.

And this Moses is dead, the Lord God is now initiating Joshua to take over from where Moses left. A young man in his forty's taking over from Moses . The servant of the Lord, Joshua had to give this people rest. In the book of Exodus 17:9 the bible tells us about how his appointment by Moses to lead the army of Israel against Amalek un Rephidim. His victories over the enemies indicates that he had warfare knowledge.

Joshua was also mentioned among the twelve chiefs of the nation who were sent across Jordan to spy out the land. But Joshua and Caleb in their report gave great faith in the ability of the Lord of Israel ro help them conquer the Land.

Dear reader, the life of the servant of God, Joshua, is one of the many lives in the bible we have to practise as believers. He had faith not that he enjoyed success in all that he did. There were times it were recorded that he had failures and success at other times as well in the book of Joshua. He was giving the very promise that was giving to Moses. There was a success behind those failures. Don't give up like Joshua never gave up as well as Jesus our great Savior. Joshua as the interpretation of his implies "Savior" was to give them rest. He did what he could l, crossing the the Jordan which they to follow the Ark of God feet of the priest touched the water , "the waters of Jordan shall be cut off from tje waters that come down from above and they shall stand upon an heap ( verse 13 and 16)

I want to take this time to talk to you about life and what it comprises of, we are at some times to go through hardtimes where all hope is gone , I mean our sicknesses and afflictions are all but a time to pass. We are just going through like Joshua did . You are the savior of your family and the work place.

Beloved, you have the ark of the covenant ( the presence of God ) in you so rufuse to admit any defeat or failure . The Holy Spirit on your inside is greater than all . Look at this great inspiring message the Holy Spirits gives to us 1John 4:4 " You are of God, little children and have overcome them: because greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.
You are born to win always l, live fears behind and give the praise of victory.

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Indeed, we'll never record any failures through out our life time on earth by the precious grace of Jesus Christ. Great articles, I'm indeed pleased.

These words are very deep in spirit. Thanks for motivating us @sc-g

In Christ, defeat is impossible. It is victory all the way. The victory of the Cross of Christ secured victory for all those who believe. All left for us to do is live in this consciousness and exercise our authority in Christ. Thank you @Sc-g for this admonishing.

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Surely we shouldn't admit to failures. As humans we may fail even as the righteous stumbles seven times. But in all these Fallings, we soul don't yield to defeat but rise in Jesus name.