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Welcome to the blog of SteemChurch - Telos.

On this occasion we want to thank God for all the land that has been given to us in our Christian Community SteemChurch.

At SteemChurch - Telos we are working to make each day work better.

Thanks to the SteemChurch executive he has been taking the data of the new parishioners, we hope to reach 1000 before the 30th of May.

But now we welcome 'Telos Village Markets' who will be Markets.JC in telos.

This market will be a blessing for many parishioners and we want this to expand every day.

Pedro currently our market is empty, so we ask that we all support and donate some of our tokens.

2 for 1 Donation Drive

We are calling our initiative to stock up the markets our '2 for 1 Donation Drive.'

We are offering 1 HEART, for every 2 tokens you send to markets.jc.

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