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Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'You know who I am.'

I am... SirKnight!

The world's greatest blogger, lover and swordsman!

Though I am quick to admit...

'The first two have been keeping me pretty busy - too busy for fencing practice.'

But this is enough about SirKnight - for this post is about our Church. Our home. Our people. Our passion. And a new strategy, under new leadership, with new opportunities for Christians worldwide. This knight is talking about...


And we are going - International!

We are 1,200 strong. Soon we will be 12,000. And whilst SirKnight might be the greatest ever blogger, he understands his limitations.

It is time that SteemChurch had a true leader. Someone who can turn SteemChurch into an internationally recognised Christian society. Someone with vision and drive. Someone who will ensure our Church reaches its full potential. And we all know who this person is.

She is the heart, the soul and a holy spirit within our Church. She is loved by all and gives her all. She is the Mother of Crowds. She is... Lady Darlenys Ugas.

So I am honoured and privileged to announce that @darlenys01 will be taking over as the new leader of the SteemChurch and she will now drive all aspects of our Church with her own vision. A vision detailed in this post.

Over coming weeks Darlenys will begin to mould SteemChurch into her vision and our fictional friends Sniff and Scurry have stated that they will be happy to work with her.

As for SirKnight. Well SirKnight will be laying new foundations for SteemChurch in new technologies and applications, to ensure the new International SteemChurch is able to avail itself of all opportunities blockchain technology has to offer.

Get excited ladies and gentlemen - our time is now!

Get behind Lady Darlenys and continue to refer your Christian friends and family to our Church.

Start accumulating your Telos and HEARTs and ACORNs. The meek will most certainly inherit the Earth - but it will be those who are proactive in the transition, who will surely receive the lion's share.

With love.

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Thank you @sirknight, because you are an exemplary leader, I know you have even greater tasks ahead of you that you can only do, therefore, I have the responsibility of the hand of God, to take the church to the end of the earth. Thanks to all the brothers of @Steemchurch especially to my brothers @uyobong and @emiliocabrera, because they have been respelling the vision of God, now we will not only be the first church of the blockchain, but we will be an international Christian ministry that will bring the good news of salvation to the world.

Dear leader @Darlenys01,
May God surround your life with immeasurable love. May the Holy Spirit be your best companion and may Wisdom fro on High be your daily meal. May God prosper and increase @Steemchurch in your hands.

As for you Legendary @Sirknight, this single act has bred numerous lessons in my heart and one of such is humility and yieldedness to God. Thank you for being a Model.

I must also note here that Today June 5, is remarkable in my life and Steemchurch. Details of my testimony will be shared in my next post.


Looking forward to your testimony Brother.

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Lady Darlenys Ugas has been very instrumental to the growth of steemchurch really and has remained very CONCURRENT and consistent really and I'm happy you're passing the torch to her flawlessly and ceaseslesly as she's been very astounding, I'll look forward to seeing her begin this New phase


Thanks for placing the responsibly on her, she'll definitely deliver.

I humbly want to thank God for this initiative of @sirknight, everything has a purpose, nothing is chance. I firmly believe that Darlenys is a woman of ministry with a powerful call from God to influence this time.
He certainly needs a people to support his ministry where we can raise a genuine cry and as never before we can raise our voice in intercession, in such a way that the Kingdom of God comes with redemption and victory for our nations.
My main desire is that God can awaken and make men raise their heads and see that the harvest is great but the workers are few. We need to win souls for God for the welfare of this world.
Thank you God for the vision of a man who has also been an instrument of God to lead with wisdom and equity "Sirknight", I bless your life and your leadership with eternal promises of heaven.
For steemchurch I bless you with the words spoken of God for Abraham
"And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make name great, and you shall be a blessing."
Darlenys01 the work is arduous and as I always say: "God with you"

From my heart, much success for the SteemChurch in this incredible mission that lies ahead. Jesus started with twelve and today we are multitudes, today we are few here, in the future we will be more. Again, congratulations to Sister Darlenys, I ask in the name of Jesus, the support for her of all the parishioners who have always had the SteemChurch with a sense of belonging.


God honors those who honor him, What a blessing and privilege I have today to Congratulate with pleasure, with enthusiasm and from the bottom of my heart a woman who has worked hard, who has put effort and heart to the vision of God, God knows how to get up and sit down, God knows the deepest part of this woman's heart, when many people turned their back on him, God was always there holding her, giving her new strength, saying that it's you, it's none other than you. @Darlenys do not faint because I I am with you wherever you go, let's get up, keep going, do not give up, you are the warrior that I chose for this time, you are the Deborah of this time. @Darlenys I know that hard work awaits you but God goes before you as a powerful giant, fear not, try hard and be brave, because a great responsibility today God is placing in your hands, today God gives you a drawn sword with which you will fight and you will defeat the enemy who wants to prevent the fulfillment of God's purpose on earth. This is the time in which God calls men and women to work from all chaos for a powerful vision as it is to Expand the Kingdom of God, taking his gospel to every creature to the last corner of the earth. and my greatest pleasure is to see how my Lord supports his word given to the prophets, when he said that Venezuela will be the spearhead of the nations to carry his gospel so that everyone who believes in him does not lose more but has eternal life. Congratulations @Darlenys Congratulations @Sirknight courageous and courageous man you have faithfully believed God and he will reward you in great readiness @Sirknight because your time has come to see the glory of God working day in your life, great wonders the Lord will do in your life . I have no choice but to pray for you and here are my hands, here are my feet, here I am, once again I reiterate them, count on me. I love you with the greatest love THE LOVE OF CHRIST, MY FAITHFUL LOVED JESUS ​​!!!

Anywhere you go will all follow as the lord of steemchurch, am sure Lady darlenys ugas is a perfect fit and will lead us in the right way. Congratulations @darlenys01

Long live steemchurch

This is a good news and another step to development. Lady Darlenys has been outstanding, highly loved and devoted.
Can't wait seeing this vision coming to existence.

You sure know how best to select the right people for every responsibility. Yeah, you're right! She is loved by all and also very accessible to all. No doubt, she will make a good leader. Congratulations @darlenys....I pray God will grant you the wisdom to lead this church to greater heights. I wish you great success! Welcome on board. You have been leading @sc-v so well and I know, this will not be different.

@Sirknight, in as much as, you want the best for us, and would love to pursue a higher calling, you will also be missed. During your time, you were expectional and outstandingly different. Thank you for taking us this far.

And thank you for wanting to explore new technologies to better the lives of all parishioners. You always have our back. I wish you success!


Oh believe me Lady Ammyluv - you will still be seeing plenty of me. ;)

Congratulations ... Steemchurch International .. Promote Christianity in Nations.

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we can not be in better hands @darlenys01, kindhearted, she has the designs that will take each of us to reach purpose.

Don't forget OLIVE token! It is another parallel UBI project with light KYC, created by the same developer of ACORN, Fabiana Cecin.

I'm participating in the three of them (HEART, ACORN, and OLIVE).

Congratulations @darlenys01 for this new beginning, grateful to @sirknight for that powerful vision that God has placed in his heart.

Happy for this initiative, thank you beloved @sirknight for recognizing the hard work of our beloved darlenys01. God bless this project more and let steemchurch be a blessing on this earth.

God continue to expand your ministry @darlenys01. Thanks to our beloved leader @sirknight for putting this great church in your hands. God help you in everything.

congratulations mother of multitudes @darlenys01, God with you at all times and places.

This does not surprise me, it is only the fulfillment of a word given by God, it fills me with joy to see how our leader @sirknight, is hand in hand with God to fulfill eternal purposes. A new stage.

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I love this vision.. Blessings ahead:))

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Well deserved @sirknight. Excellent initiative, Darlenys is a woman committed to this great vision and carries a dream of God in her heart.

God fulfilling his vision in us, we pray for @darlenys01, because being the mother of multitudes carries a very high price, the price of love, love for souls.

Oh God! Steemchurch International, excellent vision of growth for all the brothers of this great church. I met this great family thanks to the brother @emiliocabrera, he is a man with a big heart, a son, husband and exemplary father, many blessings in the new roads that he has to travel. Congratulations to @darlennys, I hope we can work as a team.

I have said it before. I say it here again. A man of vision will not run out of ideas. He is guided in his decisions. Go forward dear Christ soldier. Go forward @sirknight

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Excellent @sirknight, I know the hard work and the size of the commitment of darlenys01 with this project. God add wisdom in this new responsibility.

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This has nothing to do with Yahweh and is nothing but a gathering of foolishness.
This comment alone "She is the heart, the soul and a holy spirit within our Church"
You just declared her to hold the position of Yahshua the messiah in YOUR church.
Do realize you yourself have declared YOUR church to have nothing to do with him.

Oh man of valor @sirknight, I’m forever grateful for your person.

You’re the front dog for Steemchurch, you discover things and comes back to carry your brethren along. You’re truly a leader. I know where to see you always because elephants doesn’t hide in grasses!

For @steemchurch, we’re going more green because that lady is really a mother that cares!

This is our time!!

Broad vision, a commitment of high level and the unpublished actions of Darlenys as leader of Steemchurch are a sample of his ministry and the scope it will have. God guide your steps with wisdom and much understanding.