SteemChurch Telos Village Markets Open - Donation Drive


Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Prosperous will be our parishioners through our markets.'

This Knight is excited to advise that the 'Telos Village Markets' are now open for business.


We are fortunate. Two of the lost tribe accounts have provided 200 Beatitude Hearts to our village markets.

We are also fortunate that SteemChurch executive, Brother Tom (@liltom002), has agreed to the manage our new markets.

Unfortunately, aside for a few Telos tokens, acorns and of course our blessed hearts - the markets are currently empty.

So let us build our marketplace.

2 for 1 Donation Drive

We are calling our initiative to stock up the markets our '2 for 1 Donation Drive.'

We are offering 1 HEART, for every 2 tokens you send to markets.jc.

Ie. You might send 2 ACORNS to markets.jc and you will receive 1 HEART in return. Send tokens of any type you like. The more variety the better.

However, we know how popular our HEARTs are, so we are limiting the sending of HEARTs to 1 HEART per donation, per account, per day.

Please be sure to send 'Marketeer Tom' a congratulations and thank you message in the memo.

Telos Village Markets - images needed.

We thank Brother Tom for the images above. However this Knight believes that we can do better.

So let's get to work on 'Telos Village Markets' images. Let's build a virtual marketplace which is beautiful and vibrant, and a pleasure to visit.

This Knight is looking forward to some splendid designs.

The Beatitude Ascension - Starts 30 May 2019.

'Only those with the seal of Jesus Christ, shall drink from the spring.'


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Congratulations brother @liltom002. I pray God's wisdom on you as you saddle this great task for Steemchurch, @sc-telos


Thank you @steemchurch for the opportunity to serve!

Thank you @sirknight, I believe we can much sticking together!

I’m joyful for the progress so far. Our markets.jc will grow unto success.

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This is indeed another great feat for the church and all partners at large. Through hearts, many lives will be blessed. Do well to take advantage of this great opportunity friends.

To my great leader SK, thank you for this privilege and opportunity to serve the church. Thank you for also adopting the design as well. I promise to administer my duties judiciously and diligently.

Long live @steemchurch!
We can only keep advancing!

Yaaay! Market.jc is live! Thank you Sirknight.

Congrats @liltom002, you are very hardworking and I know you will do a perfect job.


Thank you for the trust. Start donating

It is a very splendid advance, congratulations Tom 'welcome the market.jc of the town of Telos

This is great Sirknight, the talented Liltom will make good management of our Telos markets. I claim the heart and on the way I will think of a design. Congratulations Liltom.



Thank you EC! Looking forward to have your design

A market is very important in a village. We are happy that our steemchurch Telos village market is now live. Congratulations to our marketer, bro Tom


Thank you FF

Great initiative !!

I have a question about the following:
"However, we know how popular our HEARTs are, so we are limiting the sending of HEARTs to 1 HEART per donation, per account, per day."

Is this restriction managed by a smart contract or any kind of an automated solution?


This is just a manual procedure for the markets.jc account (Tom) to follow Viter.

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Congratulations to all the leaders and contributors of the church, successes in this new initiative.

Magnificent idea SK, little by little everything is acquiring the design of God for future blessings. congratulations Liltom, God bless your career.


Amen. Thank you

Congratulation brother tom. This is very nice and am very happy to see this day, beatitudes is near


Thank you brother

I can't be less happier with this great news on May 19, a special day in my life history.

Thanks @Sirknight for reminding us again that May 30 is aound.

Congratulations brother @liltom002. I pray God's wisdom on you. You make stop-by the office tomorrow for alight celebration and some strategic discussions.


Thanks Priest.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.38% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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Great progress @ tellos. you are always in a continuous effort to bring change and for the growth of tellos. please keep doing same. Marvelous!!!

  ·  작년

Great initiative. More successes for you Sirknight, congratulations @liltom002

Great things will happen if we hold together ... waiting for the beatitudes.

Wow, amazing news. Congratulations to us in Steemchurch, Congratulations Sirknight, Congratulations @Liltom002.

Many blessings on the way!


Yeah! Thank you

Thank you SirKnight for this Market opening for quick start. Together we are moving forward.

  ·  작년

Congratulations @liltom002.

Thank you so very much @Sirknight.
We the entire steemchurch parishioners are indeed blessed.


Thanks brother. Looking forward to have you transact with us!