SteemChurch Warriors!

9개월 전

Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

May this Knight present...

The Warrior



This image was brought to us by another warrior - Q Anon.

See what Q-Anon has to say here.

Though SirKnight warns you, it is an acquired taste.

We do have allies in our crusade for freedom. There are many heroes around the world fighting for family, for freedom, for faith.

However, should YOU ever lose heart or falter, just remember...

... *you are a WARRIOR of the SteemChurch!

'Peace be with you friends.'


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A warrior is a defender of his people and someone who fight for justice and truth, he is selfless and strive hard to serve humanity @sirknight

A warrior fights on till the end never relenting, never deviating, even in trying times as many people would see themselves, the faith to keep fighting will definitely remain.

Yes! Yes!

We are warriors of Christ
We are warriors of the Steemchurch

Warriors don't give up!
Warriors get things Done!
Warriors never quit!

We fight!

We are warriors!. We never grow weary. We never give up.
Thank you Sirknight for this reminder.

since I knew I would be in SteemChurch I knew that from now on we would be warriors of God fighting evil ... nobody said that following God is Jesus is easy .. but we will do it
Apóstle DM

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Good characteristics of a Warrior, described in the image @Sirknight.

At SteemChurch we are not only the blockchain's most famous community but also a generation of warriors from Christ

Thank you @sirknight we are really Warriors and we should not give up!

We are warriors and we will definite have victory in this freedom battle!!!
We will never grow weary
We will never grow fight
We will always stand firm at our duty post!!

@sirknight, We Christians are warriors by nature, courageous and brave willing at all times to defend our ideas, and convictions and to fight for them in times of conflict. Certainly well defined the armor of a true warrior.

A good soldier fights to the end without compromising his principles. Thanks @Sirknight for this motivational post

Wow good post @sirknight
A warrior is never afraid of any battle, we are a steemchurch warriors and together we will defeat the allies.

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I am a warrior,
A warrior that will never loose faith,
I am a warrior, I will die at my post defending my family, my faith and I will fight for my freedom and the freedom of others. Thank you @sirknight for this encouraging post.

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Well said SK, Throughout history, warriors have not only left us their legacy in the form of strategies, tactics and feats on the battlefield, but many of them retain phrases and thoughts that are still valid today:

It is better to stay in fight. If you run, you will only die tired - Viking Proverb

I'm a soldier and will STAND at my post!
A soldier that will be a family defender
A soldier that will never lose FAITH
A soldier that will always draw Strength from CHRIST JESUS