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We have been working on a radical change for the church, consolidating from the foundations for the future, it is true that circumstances have not been the most appropriate if we see it with our natural eyes, but if we see it as our spiritual eyes we are in the direction and the right path.

The churches are not effective for the number of members, but for the quality of them, it is useless to have crowds in a chair and that none of us have a heart ready for the work of God, many came here with the idea of obtaining a benefit economic, which is not bad, but on the way we realized that within this benefit would be encapsulated the greatest blessing of the hand of God, so little by little we were building what is today @Steemchurch, and we dream of the vision that God has given us.

It saddens me that many people have passed through here for money, and by not getting what they want, they leave, but it makes me sad for them, not for the church, although it is difficult to accept we must know that God has his chosen ones, and those hearts are Integrity who love him despite his mistakes, those who do not look at man but the Father.

The designs of this church have been revealed to me, in their totality, and in my heart are kept all those things that will come, we are being prepared in every way, to cleanse the earth, God will never give his work to people who do not be aligned with your divine purpose.

My spiritual father told me: Darlenys you have to be prepared for the latter rain, but that late rain will not bless you if you did not work in the early rain, those words were enough for me to realize that we have made mistakes in the early rain of Our church, for a moment we forgot that we had to prepare the land for planting, then we began to deliver seeds to the wrong hands, to believe that we were a beneficent house and obviously that brings certain consequences, but nothing important when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who is Jesus Christ is on the throne of our project.

Some brothers have written to me that they feel unmotivated, others because of the situation of the steem, the situation of the country, etc. And I have answered: that we can not walk by sight, but by faith, I do not know how God is going to do it, but what he told him about us will do.

I was thinking about this time of transition, and God spoke strongly to my heart:
If things continue as you want, the glory would not be for me, what I'm going to do is so that there is no doubt that I am God. @Sirknight and I are connected with this dream that is Steemchurch but we both have placed our force, now comes the strength of God, because we will not be what we will place the seal of glory but the Almighty.

Those of us who know God, we know how he works, and nothing will fall ready from heaven, if you want to be blessed you will have to leave your comfort zone, walk in faith and obedience, if any have had this as a game, I can say that God is the God of the earth and everything in it, including technological platforms. From here on, you will be responsible for your own destiny.

Do not think that you are the only being on earth, if you despise the blessing, another will come if you take it, you can review the bible when God rejected Saul and blessed David. Everything God says is fulfilled, in Venezuela by example, some people stopped writing and I have seen how God has raised young Christians with presence in the local church, and willing to work for their community that are the youth of Cantuara State Anzoategui, approximately 16 people, and it is time for their opportunity.


An example of leadership in the Bible teaches us the story of Gideon:

The story tells that this man had to fight against a powerful people. When he counted his soldiers he realized that he had only 32,000 men, and that many of them were not fit for war.

When he communicated the information to his boss (Jehovah), he told him: "Fire those who are afraid", to which Gideon replied: "Lord, why? The enemy army is very powerful in number and armament." Then his superior told him: "because when you go to war they will abandon you".

I have a word for this time and I will walk on it:

"Then Jehovah said to Gideon, With these three hundred men who licked up the water, I will save you, and will deliver the Midianites into your hands." Judges 7.7a (RV1960)

32,000; that was the number of men that Gideon had to face the 135,000 who made up the army of Midian. God called Gideon to be the deliverer of the oppressed people. Gideon did not respond quickly, but asked for a sign and God granted it. For that reason, he undertook his liberating feat with courage and security, because God had confirmed that he would be with him and give him the victory.

32,000 men, however skilled they were, were few to face Midian. Not in the eyes of God. In Him, little is enough.

It was the custom, that before going to war, the army was consolidated with the purpose that those who lacked courage or were weak, would withdraw. In that way, he went out to battle with the best possible army. God instructed Gideon to choose His army within the army of Israel and only chose 300 men. Within God's plan, they would be enough. No way 300 men could have defeated Midian. Only the power of God. So, in this way they would not be tempted to boast that the liberation of the Midianites had been by force of their army.

Israel came out victorious, because the power of God was greater than the circumstances and resources with which the people counted. His greatest resource was Jehovah God of armies, but many times they had forgotten him. That day they saw the movement of His hand in a wonderful and powerful way.

Did you know that God is also our greatest resource? As humans and facing the vicissitudes we face, we usually look only at what we have in our hands. We are filled with doubt and we forget that we have a BIG God. Because we have God, our victories will never depend on our resources or our strength, but on the power, mercy, love and fidelity of God.


On your way to success, you will get an army of people to accompany you, but many will not really help you at all. Therefore, you must make a list of the people with whom you are willing to fail or succeed. There will be people who will be on your list of failures and another on your list of successes. You decide which one to join.

It is very important to identify the people who will accompany you to reach your goals and objectives. Join people who empower your dreams, who encourage you with words of encouragement, esteem and wisdom, as they will inspire you and make you develop dreams and visions in an extraordinary way.


On the other hand, I want to encourage all those people who declared their membership with the church to remain active in our work and our expansion, make sure to consolidate the people that are entering Steemchurch Telos, this journey is still beginning, a lot of work ahead .Our friends @sniffnscurry will be happy to continue helping people who want to leave the world in a better place.


  • Continue promoting the expansion to Steemchurch Telos, if you wish to be part of it, register in the following form:


  • Our brother @maxdevalue has started a challenge with the "Goldencenser" through which we can obtain, Heart, Telos and Steem. It is important to interact with the activities of the church and support our growth, knowing the word of God. Wait for the next updates .


  • You can declare your membership and begin to translate your projects and send it through the mail:

  • Any questions or suggestions can be sent to the email: darlenys@steemchurch.org

Or in our situation room SC.Telos in Telgram:




We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow.

@pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx, @curatorhulk, @ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope.


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Your strength and determination will take us far Apostle Darlenys and now it is time to find our warriors of courage.


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Thanks my dear @sirknight, without your help it would not be possible.

  ·  3년 전

Steemchurch International Ministries is moving forward. It is a walk of faith and men of faith and courage will thrive.


Courage and strength @darlenys01, I am one of the people I write on this platform and specifically in steemchurch convinced that this church here is a God-given purpose given by Him, to a man of vision called Sirknight and led by you and other leaders. Every vision of God here on earth brings opposition but those to whom God has revealed and delivered the vision will win ... From here to a little we will see what God is going to do, trust and hope!
God bless you.


Thanks my beloved @ricci01, we can not stop in the struggle we have undertaken, God will do.

I read the preacher say, "there is time for every thing under the sun. Among other things he said, there is a time to sow and a time to reap......" Apostle Paul also did emphasis on work. "No work no chop". He who began the good work will surely complete it. My payers are on this. Be strong dear sister. If this vision is of GOD there is nothing the devil can do about it.

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We will not see wind, nor will we see rain but these ponds will be full of water. Brother @praise-eu, benedictions, thank you for your prayers.

Thank you very much mother of crowds with this timely message. We shall conquer not by our number but by our willingness to let God work through our hearts.

Steemchurch is taking the stage and becoming the hands of God. Many good news are coming from the Nigerian end. We have made some steps of faith that seemed tiny, but God is making it big.

Let's not lose sight of Christ Jesus and the visions he's given us.


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Thanks @uyobong, for being our support in the construction of @steemchurch, better things await us!

There will always be resistance when God is going to do great things. The first will be from our adversary and the second will be for those who desist from believing that God has a real purpose with people to lead projects. In this we see clearly that many times we will go through many difficulties so that at last we see what God wants to do with us at this moment it is essential to hear what Paul said: "by faith we walk not by sight".
I know that you will achieve your dream and your vision, I have seen that you do not skimp when it comes to executing and developing your vision, an example is with "bread from heaven" did the impossible to carry out and see the children who attended with this smile draft.
Count on our support @darlenys01...


Thanks for your support @xiore!!

We are witnesses of your determination and work Darlenys, we know the things that God has reserved for you, counts on noostros for the expansion of the kingdom in this earth.


Thank you for being part of Bread From Heaven and @steemchurch.

A message rather than to encourage people is a reminder that God looks at those brave people who have their hearts willing to collaborate with the cause, they have gone away feligrenses is true, but what we can not forget is that God keeps opening doors and continues to show us people with more blessings ... Without a doubt we are grateful to those people who little by little collaborate with what @steemchurch gives progress. Blessings


Thank you @windermarin, remember that God is a God of justice and love, to the son who loves discipline, we can not take the word or the work of God lightly, but understood of the times, we hope your support to the church and our expansion Telos , if you want any help you can contact us by telegram.

Excellent my Apostle, you are truly a woman of faith, of war, and your work in steemchurch Venezuela has been incredible, we know that better things come.


Thank you sister @christibri, we have your help to achieve the vision.

...If things continue as you want, the glory would not be for me, what I'm going to do is so that there is no doubt that I am God...


My love to the youth of Cantuara State Anzoategui!

It’s not by might not by power, the zeal of the lord shall accomplish it!

Our God is able apostle @darlenys01

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Thanks for your support @maxdevalue!

Excellent message and very true what you say @darlenys01, but what is of God remains forever. Acts 5:39 we find the wise words of a man of God saying about the work of God "but if it is of God, you can not destroy them, lest you find yourself fighting against God". Steemchurch has a purpose as God's work on this earth and its purpose will be fulfilled, here we are a group of brothers willing with God's favor to work for love of Jesus our Lord. DTB


Thanks for your support @taty17!

Thank you for this message of faith Darlenys, we must always remember the blessings, and @steemchurch is a blessing.


Thanks for your support @marialara!

Beautiful reflection message @darlenys01, the purpose of God is fulfilled with steemchurch, we trust that God's plans are better than ours but what is sure is that He will never leave us.

Blessings @darlenys01 thank you because I know we will see the glory of God in this house.-


Thanks for your support @mariela!

Thank you beautiful Darlenys your faith keeps us in front of us too, we will see better times God is preparing the ground.


Thanks for your support @renew2018!

Interesting message From Cantaura we continue betting on the success of @Steemchurch. This Sunday we will celebrate Children's Day with the financial support of Ministry @ Steemhurch International. Personally, I am working with these children and I appreciate the support of the apostle @ darlenys01 in everything. Beniciones.

@darlenys01, I am witness to the dedication and enthusiasm in this vision that God has given you and the Bible says Matthew 25: 21: His lord said to him: "Well, good and faithful servant; in the little you were faithful, I will set you much; enter into the joy of your lord.
You can count on my help. DTB

@darlenys01, when you embarked on this vision I have always been by your side supporting you and here I am again to continue putting my hands effort and prayer to this project. Count on me and a group of women of faith who support you. Always remember what you say to me "without desert there is no victory" Let us run the race with faith! Dtb

Warrior from above!

Incredible message worthy of an Apostle, thank you Darlenys.

We will keep going, God always supports his word!

Making a world a better place is not always easy, good things don't come easily it by determination and not forgetting that with God everything is possible. What make this church unique is because we have two strong leaders that believe in able God.

I believe in you and i know everything that you planned for the church will be success.

Here we are @darlenys01 supporting your vision, I know you love this project that you do with love and dedication in steemchurch and God will reward your perseverance. you have done it with dedication in sc-v and I have been by your side, count on me!

Blessings apostle @ darlenys01. Really reflective your message. Since Cantaura presented the action plan, we feel committed to the Ministry @ Steemchurch. We have received your support and financial support to execute the first phase of the plan, which is the celebration of the child's day. The second phase is quite advanced, which is the implementation of the Pan del cielo program, which will be carried out in three communities adjacent to Cantaura. The mission team of @ sc-v / Cantaura tomorrow will go to one of the communities to do the lifting of the information of the children and then enter them into TELOS. Our intention is to serve our neighbor, the rest, the Lord adds.

God can not get too much, if in a short time we are not faithful. It is not a personal benefit but a collective benefit, and this is the work of @Steemchurch and we share it. Cantaura will continue advancing with the mission and vision of the International Ministry @Steemchurc.

Greetings, apostle. God bless you more. We remain committed from Cantaura with the Ministry @ Steemchurch. The goal is to advance and conquer souls with a high human sense. Thanks for the support for the day of the child.

  ·  3년 전

God bless you more sister @ darlenys01. What your message says is important. We are not in the community just for personal benefits. I can speak to you correctly because I am the person who is carrying out the evangelization in Cantaura and in the surrounding areas. I work together with @elpastor and we know that it is not about receiving individual rewards but about providing happiness to the most needy. Soon we will open the Bread from Heaven program, part of the information was sent to @elpastor.

Clear message without offense. The intention of the Ministry @ Steemchurch is to change the face of comfort through teamwork and working with the most needy.

@Darlenys01, Permit me to call you a great woman of faith and strength. You are always an inspiration to me. May God empower our hands more to build Steemchurch to the blessing of humanity.

Thank you very much for supporting our activity of the day of the child @ darlenys01 God multiply everything you are giving us and bless each of your projects

@darlenys01 mother of all, you inspired me and I learn a lot from you. The God that was with Peter, Joshua and Caleb will be with you to strengthen you and help take @steemchurch international ministries to the next level. Amen

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Very interesting and true, thank you so much for your support throughout the project for the day of the child in our church

Very good reflection God bless you and you more wisdom, to move forward with his work

Great message my leader!

Sincerely this is the best post i have ever read published by the @Steemchurhc International Ministries.

In as much as God is a God of blessings, He knows the right men to give giftings to. He will never give seed to eaters because they will eat both the seeds as well. I bless God for this discovery

I know that from here the @Steemchurch is ready to impact the world positively.
Like i have always said i am still saying it again that i am pledging my unreserved loyalty to the @Steemchurch International Ministries. I was blacklisted few weeks ago by steemcleaners but not to worry my new account is coming up soon.

God bless the @Steemchurch
God bless @SC-n
God bless all faithful steemchurch parishioners.