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The year 2018 represented great challenges for Steemchurch. With the rigor and commitment that characterizes this beloved community, we face adverse situations. They were difficulties that we overcome successfully thanks to the effort of the human team that accompanies us, faithful representatives of a Christian social culture that is an example for the world.

In mid-2019, Steemchurch has been immersed in a transition period, this management report of the last two months shows the progress and what we want to achieve, the first thing is to thank and congratulate all these people, the leadership of the church and also to the community, to the friends and allies that have accompanied us. And in a special way, I thank our leader and friend (@sirknight),who, with certainty, the fruit of his knowledge, experience and enormous dedication, trace the destinies of this Organization .

This report meets the requirements of the "Progress Communication" to respond to the commitment to inform about the dissemination and application of the principles in its strategy to achieve its vision. In this message I want to highlight the presence of the leaders (@ricci01,@uyobong,@bigsam,@mhm-philippines,@abiye) the people, the worker, children; because people are the strongest pillar of the organization, the column that supports and at the same time provides the necessary balance to face the biggest challenges we have assumed. More than technology, more than figures, methodologies and concepts, we are a human group that is always called to do important things for the world in which we live.

Closeness, coverage, consolidation, growth and care of the environment.The common denominator of these words.Not only is the initial "C". All of them define the central aspects of our current performance model.The 5C of our action model speak of a dynamic community, focused on further enhancing its development and always working with people so that there is more quality of life where we are present as an International Ministry. We want to get closer to our brothers, we also strengthen ourselves as a team to better project ourselves as civil servants.

The work continues and every day you learn and surprise your heart with the many spaces that open from Steemchurch, to lend to the communities services that mean quality of life and opportunities for social and economic development.

I present with satisfaction the figures, the facts, the achievements of a community that is moving forward. As Organizational group of entrepreneurs , as a work team, we say thank you for making all these dreams and accomplishments possible.

With love,

Steemchurch General Directorate


We seek to remain in time by contributing to the development of territories sustainable and competitive, generating well-being and development with equity in the environments where we participate, to through the execution of social projects, complemented by information and communications technology services - ICT, through a business action that harmonizes the financial, social and educational results.
Within this purpose we have set a Large and Ambitious Strategic Goal (MEGA) that is the benefit of community members and their families with our Beatitude Token (Heart), 144,000 is the maximum.

This is the management we are developing with the “5C” approach


Building credibility and trust to strengthen relations with our stakeholders is part of Steemchurch's sustainability, which is why the organization will continue to strengthen the relationship with Christian communities throughout the world, as well as supporters, social groups, individuals, etc. .
For each of these interest groups, programs and actions have been established throughout these months.
In our management the following results:

Creation of the social project "Bread From Heaven", children's dining room to eradicate malnutrition so far a population of:

3350 children in different places of Venezuela, with the application of the fixed and mobile dining room, of which 600 children were included in these last two months.

Similarly, 300 older adults have been treated in two centers located in the Anzoategui State.

TheTurn on a light campaign, which served as support for children with cancer in the oncology center in Venezuela, 50 children, who have been treated not only with food but with donations for medical exams.
In this last month we have been able to attend 5 children permanently who need special exams.

We have established alliances with @childrensclothes to take the "Greenfootprint" educational program to the schools, this project consists of teaching the little ones to recycle, and carrying out ecological family gardens, we have currently permanently attended 5 schools with groups of 20 children each .

Celebration of children's day in the city of Cantaura Anzoategui State, approximately 70 children benefited from this activity and 45 adults.

Supporting the expansion of Steemchurch Telos, 300 / + children have been included in our records.

Spaces were created for dialogue with the participation of leaders and communities through telegram channels and others.


The declaration we make from the International Ministry of Steemchurch is to be able to provide coverage to the community that includes the parishes such as @sc-v, @sc-n, @sc-g, @sc-philippines, @farms, giving support every day so that the global vision of the organization can be achieved, we are building the solid foundations that will determine the future of each sub-community that is being empowered through knowledge. We seek to reach the goal of universalization of projects under a joint and coordinated work of variables such as: the connection of new people, and the feasibility of the activity.

Environmental care

Sustainability is the business purpose of Steemchurch, and to achieve this its strategy has been defined and support for recycling, and organic farming projects, such as family gardens,. This refers to the what and how of all that performs the organization in the territories where it has a developing presence of its corporate purpose and its objectives organizational, and understands that they must be compatible with the sustainable human development that is our ultimate goal.


One of our primary objectives is the consolidation of the church at a global level, we are laying the foundations that will serve as a multiplying factor in the cause for freedom.

We are preparing the communities in education: technological, nutritional, environmental, etc. so that the mission can be carried out. To do this, we create an organizational structure that is being implemented.
Organizational structure


Growing up is part of the strategy that Steemchurch defined during the last months.
mainly through the following initiatives:

The expansion to the Telos blockchain, our leader @sirknight has done an excellent job in creating a new environment for Steemchurch, where it is creating an infrastructure for the growth of the community, we are currently registering people who wish to participate in the following form:

Proposals have been created to strengthen the work of Steemchurch, creation of accounts under the jc domain, through which tokens (tlos, Heart, Acorn) can be obtained.
Also the creation of our Goldencenser, a smart contract that allows us to interact with the Heart token, returning a biblical verse.

The organizational marketing management has been activated for better results.Applied for the delegation request by steemit, inc, in order to support more people, account creation and activity in social projects.
See request


Each of the parishes continues to act from their accounts to strengthen the best blogs in their communities, they are also working and preparing the social projects that best suit their needs, the @sc-Filippines parish was created that has the mode of Church missionary, One way to contribute to those people in the Philippines who need it most. You can visit the blogs of each of our communities:


The @farms project, continues to provide its valuable messages in the area of agriculture in general, we hope that in the coming months this project of great value can expand to many places.


Working hand in hand with friends @sniffnscurry an important contribution has been made in the last two weeks from our accounts @steemchurch, @sc-v supporting newcomers and effective Steemit сurators that encourage discussion.

TOP 200 effective Steemit curators who are actively support newcomers (with reputation below 55) for the last week (2019.07.22-2018.07.28)

Votes: 80
Authors: 55
VAS(%): 24
Contr. (SBD):63,25
Share %:1,54

Votes: 55
Authors: 39
VAS(%): 31
Contr. (SBD):2,9
Share %:0,07

TOP-200 effective comments curators for the last week (2019.07.22-2019.07.28)

Votes: 157
Authors: 24
VAS(%): 9
Contr. (SBD):45,34
Share %:0.89

Votes: 48
Authors: 15
VAS(%): 33
Contr. (SBD):2,54
Share %:0.0.5

*Information courtesy of:@boddhisattva

Future perspective

Through retrospective studies of the last 10 years of the communities, social projects, the review From the current situation and a view of the future, a series of inductors in the environment were identified that can help us in the integration of the use of technology with a special purpose, in this way our community will be focused on the application of marketing and social intelligence , providing education from an early age and promoting blockchain technology, making use of all the resources at our disposal to leave the world in a better place, it is important to make a network of men and women with high capacities, provision of service and leadership, establish ourselves in virtual solid platforms and in the real world, expand our vision in the five continents and to the last of the earth: following the example of Jesus, love of neighbor!

We are the people of God, we are a special people called to announce the virtues of him, who called us to his light ... and we will bring his glory to every people and nation, bringing them, hopes and news of salvation ... And his love it drives us we can't shut up, we will annihilate the world of its love and truth !!


We have been consolidating the church, we know that we are on the right track but with a lot of work ahead, we thank all those leaders and brothers who are placing all their effort in this time of construction, fidelity to the work of God brings divine rewards, This road is being cleaned, meanwhile we can not stop focusing on our vision, social projects and expansion to Telos.

Project proposals have been received and several alternatives are being analyzed. Venezuela is a blessed community that has served as an example in this time of work and perseverance, we have several communities organized working together to achieve common goals.

The social projection of the parishes with the mother church will be established with the BREAD FROM HEAVEN project as integral training of children and families, incorporating ourselves to the global hunger zero challenge. Technology has a lot to contribute in this sense, and reach the communities to Through education, health, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, it will take the church to a new level. Hunger and malnutrition make people less productive and more prone to diseases, so that They are not usually able to increase their income and improve their livelihoods. There are almost 800 million people who they are hungry all over the world, the vast majority in Developing countries. The blockchain is a revolution that reaches everyone, and we must make the most of it.

What can we do to help?
Changes can be made in everyday life - at home, in work and in the community-, supporting farmers or
local markets and making sustainable decisions on the feeding, supporting good nutrition for all and struggling
against the waste of food.


Work together
Ensure effective citizen participation, improve coordination mechanisms, facilitate dialogue.

Reduce the costs of malnutrition
Improve access to nutrition and nutrition education, protect children and ensure that adults have what they need to live healthy and productive lives.

Partner with the academic field
Build strategic alliances with academic institutions and research, generating information to face the challenges of life.

We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow @pennsif, @luppers, @redes, @hanshotfirst, @theycallmedan, @redpalestino, @wilx, @curatorhulk, @ripperone,@penguinpablo,@newhope.


Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world.

50 SP| 100 SP|200 SP|500 SP|1000 SP|2000 SP|5000 SP

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This is the best community on the planet thanks to all @sirknight, @darlenys01.

Simply speechless @darlenys01, thanks for the efforts and constant work you have done, and you have also transmitted it to all of us through social work and your building messages.

Steemchurch is a great community with excellent leaders, God is definitely on our side, blessings to all!
Thanks Darlenys and @sirknight.

God continue to bless the Steemchurch International Ministry and continue to support social projects.

It is a pleasure to work with @sc-v for the children of Venezuela.


One of the best messages I have chosen in recent months, high management capacity @steemchurch.

God bless you, go ahead with the projects

This is best community ever because it change life economically and spiritually.. Thanks to all our leader for their relentless effort

This is incredible @darlenys01, thanks for adding so much value @steemchurch, it is definitely a community run by God, thanks also @sirknight for being in front.


Good work done, thanks to all the leaders of steemchurch for your effort, we really appreciate everything you are doing to make steemchurch the happiest place to be.

Faithful is the one who has said that he will take @steemchurch to the highest level, thank God and thanks to all the people who make our church the best community on the planet, better times are coming, thanks @darlenys01 and @sirknight.

Interesting management report that reflects the wonderful work done by the Ministry @Steemchurch International. Congratulations.

Blessings, remember the best is not the beginning of the business, the best is the end.

Thank you @darlenys01 for this report that really encourages us to move forward, it is a pleasure to have you, woman of wisdom and intelligence.

Excellent summary of the management carried out by @Steemchurch. God continues to bless all parish leaders for such a wonderful job.

Beautiful work @Steemchurch. Interesting management report. Important social programs reflected in the report. Blessings to all the people responsible for keeping this Ministry operational. Special blessings for the general leader of @Steemchurch

Very valuable management report. The relevant activities of the Steemcurch Ministry are summarized. Blessings

Wonderful to reflect on the management of such a large and important ministry. DTB @Steemhurch

Thank you for sharing the Steemchurch management summary. We can appreciate the relevant activities of the month. Blessings

Greater works we shall do..

Awesome work and strategic growth is ongoing in @Steemchurch. Glory to God for these feat.

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Together we keep the vision alive!

God bless steemchurch!

Thanks apostle Darlenys

God bless you, keep going.

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God keep filling this community with blessings