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Blessings to all the brothers and friends who visit our community daily, we are initiating the activation of the marketing direction contemplated in the initial organizational structure, Steemchurch is a church created to break mental paradigms, religion and legalism, preserving the essence of the Word of God, and applying biblical principles to be successful people, with our greatest example of leadership: Jesus!

When people hear the word church, obviously they will always think of a religious cult or people who are not with their feet on the ground, or who live in a celestial dimension, one of the things that since childhood has been revealed to me spirit is the identity with which we were created, man was designed to live in glory, and we were given the authority to subdue the earth, rule over them, giving God the spirit of intelligence and wisdom and designs to conquer territories, anyone who doubts from this, he is simply denying his divine nature.

Some time ago, I attended a Marketing conference, representing a Christian church and when it was the turn of the exhibition people were expectant, thinking that this person is doing here, because the world had become a false idea of the Christian, but now in the revival of the end times, God is raising an understanding generation that will take authority over everything on earth. The first question I received back then was the role of a religion in the professional and business part of a nation, then I took a deep breath by making it clear that Jesus is not religion, but freedom and life for all who believe.

I told them that a long time ago there was a man, who created a phrase that said love each other, left a symbol: the cross and harmonized a last supper in an image, which has gone around the world, that man He had his own story. It just started with twelve followers (disciples) and today has 6 billion followers. That man is Jesus Christ and not only was he influential, he also had a manual, the bible. If we were to describe the origin of social networks, from his point of view of followers this character is the most influential of all time and still is, taking it to the earthly plane we can consider it as a brand and the best campaign of the history, that is, Social Marketing in all its expression. At present, Marketing and social networks go hand in hand, it is an almost essential key when it comes to marketing or selling a product, even at the time of providing a service; This is due to the proliferation that networks have had in recent years and the influence that you have been developing in the life of the human being.

The church has understood that expansion is the right way to reach souls and bring them to know Christ, followed by practicing his commandments, mercy, love, we also know that everything that produces well-being and freedom in the life of the human being It is for good, the technology was made to use it with a purpose and its limit is only placed by the creator.

We cannot fail to understand that SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (SMM) Social Marketing, is about the establishment of the needs, desires and interests by the organization of the markets, and in this way promote a higher value to its customers by granting well-being to the consumer and society, follow the same lines of traditional marketing, we can also call it "Marketing of Social causes"



How can we increase the value of a blockchain platform? through social marketing without a doubt. Nothing will escape man and his implementation in the physical world, we cannot speak of commitment and social vocation but we establish solid communities to leave a legacy in the world.

We may be the best bloggers in the world, but we have a social action that validates our work will be dead. Are we in the moment of conquering not only virtual but physical territories, real world, have you thought about the generation of relief? «The digital transformation must be accompanied by social pedagogy»

We do not need more "experts" in technology, but those creative, innovative or socially sensitive, artistic, pedagogical ... etc. that generate synergies between specialties, giving rise to integral learning processes, where technology is one more element. Technology is a means and not an end, but this does not make it harmless. We must develop a digital consciousness, understand the power relations present in the digital society, to make a critical use of technology. Acquire skills that allow us to understand the importance of our actions on the network, the application of digital tools, a safe and responsible use.

From a relational approach, the activities that marketing proposes to achieve the objectives of social campaigns are marketingexterno, internal marketing and interactive marketing. One of the most important weaknesses to correct in many organizations is the absence of the marketing mentality. If the organization is not committed to a change in behavior, if the management does not put users at the center of all its intervention plans, if users are seen as a problem and believe they need to change (instead of changing the company) So social marketing is the one that needs a program to change itself. It has to undertake a great change of attitude and internal deformation so that the program is effective and lasting.

Social marketing and commercial marketing are intimately related, I personally believe that when there is a genuine social contribution, it will be easier, to market to obtain financing and continue to grow in the general vision, in this sense the church has a fundamental role, one of the issues that we have in our favor is to create loyal communities, User loyalty is a key piece for the performance of a company, logically. However, offering an innovative product or service of quality is not enough today to get loyal customers. Their loyalty, therefore, is necessary through effective loyalty strategies, capable of fostering that trust and loyalty, there is no other way than to be a testimony of good news, to give people strategies to face realities, to sow a sense of belonging with the vision we want to achieve.


In many places and countries, the issue of cryptocurrencies still does not avoid it as something common, in fact it has been my turn to explain to people that this is not a sect or a drug traffic, or something illegal, to change this mentality, we surely need much more marketing, another important point is to explain this technology to people who are not technically related to it, this is a barrier that must be overcome, and it is through education and the action we take in this regard.


Answer; solid user base,Usability

1- Users / wallet - People who are buying and selling digital currency in exchanges while using storage methods to keep their coins.

2- Business / Usability - If a company accepts a cryptocurrency as a form of payment, this gives the currency usability. Now, what do I mean by usability? Well, these coins are an exchange of value!

One of the best ways to be first, is definitely through the media and social networks, right now, they are the most influential medium for that purpose; The formula of success, according to experts, tell stories that connect emotions, in order to captivate the general public, acquire a good slogan and thus multiply the followers, perform a physical work. This translates into an exponential increase in sales, services, finally increases in the demand of the company or organization, placing it in a greater degree of competitiveness against other organizations. The work of the Community Manager is decisive, not in vain every day it opens New areas of study worldwide around this trend.

Examples of Successful Social Marketing

Expedia - Train
The tourism giant created a social marketing campaign focusing on the importance of expanding the vision when traveling.

The video starts with an older man chatting with a girl during a train trip. While the man reflects, the woman remembers moments of the trips she has made throughout her life. Trips that show various situations, some of simple fun, others where she sees injustices and wars and others where she actively participates for a common good or helping a community.

While many travel agencies show typical holiday images, Expedia goes much further, showing not only a moment of joy during a vacation, but a life of travel that allowed you to have a much broader view of the world and life.

The message of this campaign is quite clear and also makes the brand values ​​quite clear. This is a campaign that collaborates with the construction of an excellent image.


We all have the responsibility to teach and promote in society the reason for the use of technology, a product or a blockchain platform, social marketing gives us the opportunity to create an impact organization.

Can you leave a positive mark on the world? Get to know Social Marketing!



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We wish that all people who wish to know about our church can enjoy all the valuable content that is daily in the steemchurch or any of its parishes, get updated information and can participate at any time with a broad vision of our objective.


We thank all those people who have contributed to our community to grow

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Each time you support with some delegation you will be collaborating with the feeding, education of thousands of children, the restoration of the family, and the promotion of blockchain technology in the world.

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A good entrepreneur is one who knows not only to develop a business and make a profit from his area of activity, but also to transform society and context. Excellent idea Darlenys, God with you, puts the church of Jesus Christ on high.

An organization with a good social marketing is one that is positioned in the various issues that surround it and, mainly, develops opportunities, investments and social actions to collaborate positively with society.

With a chosen cause, it is much easier to think about the actions you can apply in your organization to help the particular social problem.
We can think of actions that have some link with your organization. Thus, it is easier to act, since you will become a reference in your area of action.

Social marketing is the combination of marketing techniques that we probably already know. However, instead of promoting a product or service, social marketing mainly wants to spread an idea that attempts to overcome social problems.

If you have a company, whether online or physical, remember that social marketing is a great way to help people positively and, at the same time, spread your product further.

A good entrepreneur is one who knows not only to develop a business and make a profit from his area of activity, but also to transform society and context, an enriching Darlenys message that makes the position and vision of our church very clear.

People are looking for brands that are socially responsible and that show their value not only in the products and services they offer, but also be part of the changes they propose. They are also operating in the digital world and in the use of blockchain technology.

Wao, tremendous message Darlenys, with well-implemented social marketing strategies, it is even possible to convince your audience to make certain behavioral changes that are an obstacle to living in society.

Social marketing is really a fascinating and fast risen platform whereby one can introduce his/ her project or products and in turn its awareness oriented and yeilds positive results.....nice one ma'am Darleny

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Society evolves and marketing too. Thanks to this constant evolution, social marketing arises that gives you the opportunity to impact different sectors of society.


...Jesus is not religion, but freedom and life for all who believe.

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This is a great and detailed announcement.
Yes, I'm new here no doubt, but believe me, I have a big heart and I'm very passionate towards contributing my own little quota towards building/expanding @steemchurch @sc-n @christian-trail @sc-v @sc-g @sc-philippians communities; but it's sometimes very sad when I spend hours typing a post and all of a sudden there is power interruption. When this happens, all my typing gets lost cause my lapy ain't got a strong battery. This is slowly killing me inside and impeding the flow of my thoughts.

Owing to this, I pray all the steemchurch parishioners to reach out to contribute so as to enable the community reach out to the poor and needy. However, it would be very useful if we start our charity from within. I mean from our homes.

I'm @voclab
I am a free thinker and I am a lover of God and good things.

Bless y'all.

I think it’s awesome that you guys are using steemit for this, what lead you guys to make this decision?

You can try to involve people who are from your area or even look for related areas, so that social marketing strategies are well aligned.