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This is a daily scriptural devotional guide from my church Christ Apostolic Church and please kindly expect this from me almost daily because it is a food for the spirit. Thank you


DATE: Tuesday, 8th May, 2018


📖 READ: 2 Kings 19:35

MEMORISE: And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the LORD went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when people arose early in the morning, there were the corpses-all dead. (2 Kings 19:35)

The king of Assyria had sent Rabshakeh to mock Yahweh and advised Judah never to trust in Him, that He would deliver them from the onslaught of the seemingly dreaded Assyrians. The arrogant Assyrian king dared to do so, because of their past military victories that they refused to acknowledge the God of heaven and earth as the author of the victories (cf. Psa. 14:1; 53:1).

The God-given military victories of Sennacherib got into his head. He believed he got all this by own power and prowess of his warlords (2 Kgs. 19:11), just like Nebuchadnezzar later did (Dan. 4:30). Fools! It is better imagined than experienced (2 Kgs. 19:37).

Hope your victories, success, achievements, laurels, etc. aren’t beginning to get into your head? The tendency is there to be tempted by the devil to let our guard down and become arrogant, when we have such goodies, hence his craftiness to pitch us against the Lord (1 Pet. 5:8,9). We are tempted to easily forget that God is the One who upholds us and gives grace. Man has the tendency to begin to tell himself that he does not need the Lord I certain areas of his lives. This is why we must be very careful, lest we become complacent and arrogant (cf. 2 Chr. 26:14ff). Learn from Apostle Paul (1 Cor. 15:10).

Some years ago, a wise man said that the most vulnerable moments a pastor has, are the times when he has gotten “victories” sermons well prepared and preached, breakthroughs, events well managed, etc. This is what results in the danger of respite. David fell into such, foolishly (2 Sam. 11:1ff). The problem does not lie with the “victories” per se, but with our hearts that need to be regularly purged of arrogance, ingratitude and the accolades and extraordinary introductions that go with achievements. May the Lord help us to serve and live in the light of our crucified but risen King, so that we would always accord whatever victories there may be to Him. Amen.


  1. In all the victories You have ordained for me in life, Lord, help me to acknowledge You as the source and giver of such.

  2. Oh Lord, give us the heart of humility and gratitude, so that we can serve You and the people around us the way you want it.

  3. Arise, oh Lord, and fight the battles of our lives, so that the enemies may know that we serve the mighty God.

EXTRA READING FOR TODAY: 2 Samuel 5 - 6 & Romans 12


Good morning Sir/Ma., have a great day and do remain richly blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour!

#GodBlessNigeria 🇳🇬
Shalom 🤠

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