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One of the important things for the marriage-family blessing is to determine the "atmosphere" that will reign in our home each day. The "atmosphere" is the spiritual air breathed in the home.

Many times we have undue reactions, we respond with harsh words and we act in such a way that the good climate that prevailed in our home suddenly breaks down and leads to a hostile and heavy climate. Other times, simply, we have become accustomed and resigned to cohabit in an atmosphere where anything but harmony, happiness and peace in the home reigns.

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It is common to hear one of the spouses say, "I'd better take some air outside," because things are not right at home and you need to get out of that tainted atmosphere to find some "fresh air" that will let breathe.

Now, practically, what are the components that produce a tainted atmosphere in the home?

  • Disbelief

Unbelief is the inability to believe God instead of believing the negative circumstances that surround us. Unbelief presents the dark panorama, with no way out. Unbelief overwhelms and torments.

  • Pessimism

I define pessimism as "the pressures of life that fall on us". And when we can not get rid of those pressures

  • Complain

The complaint is the expression of dissatisfaction for not having everything we want at the moment we want to be always hurried

  • Fights or arguments

It is common for there to be disagreements between two people living together. But when those disagreements are accompanied by offenses, hurtful words and shouts, what started with a simple interdict can end in a serious fight that hurts the soul and torments the mind and heart

  • Emotional and physical violence

Unfortunately, marriages can be a victim of violence in any of its forms. Many in a moment of impulsiveness and nervousness come to push, shake or hit your spouse. Then, even though they regret it and repent, this fact will be forever imprinted on the intimate fibers of the affected person and the wound caused will be difficult to heal.

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How can we contribute to a good atmosphere in the home?

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  • Faith in God

Faith produces an atmosphere of victory in the midst of trial because the person knows that Almighty God is on his side.

  • Gratitude

Gratitude is a determining attitude for a good atmosphere in the home. Involves, for example, thanking the spouse for having prepared a good dinner

  • Respect

Christian spouses are much more than husband and wife, first of all they are brothers in Christ, children of the same Heavenly Father! That single idea should eradicate all attitude from our mind.

  • Praise or praise

Although we praise God for his kindness, his fidelity and his wonders, we can also praise people. To praise means to value and speak well of someone. So we can congratulate our spouse on their achievements or we can praise their good presence

  • Support for

It is very important to encourage a good climate in the home that the spouses support each other. This implies, for example, being next to our spouse to encourage them in times of difficulties and doubts, to collaborate in domestic chores or in any other type of work.

  • Ask for forgiveness

At this point it is important to note that many times "we pretend that nothing happened", but this can only be a superficial way of resolving a conflict. To have a healthy relationship and protect the climate of our home we must get to the root of the conflict, face whatever, recognize our mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

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the atmosphere of our home so that peace, harmony and happiness reign. It seems difficult, but with the help of God it is not impossible. It's worth a try!



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Do you have an altar in your house? I do not mean a pile of stones or an altarpiece, but rather a family altar where you can reflect your commitment to the Lord, educate your children in the faith and seek the salvation of your family. If you do not have it, I encourage you to commit yourself today to the Lord in the beginning. I know it will be a blessing. and change the aftmosphere with the constant presence of God.


Amen, thanks

excellent my brother, you have improved a lot in your writing.


Thanks brother little by little a big hug is improved for you

Wow this is beyond beautiful buddy when a marriage changes the complexion, it turns out to be amazing, I read this with joy in my heart


it's good that you liked brother. everything starts with the family a greeting and thanks

I think this is great wisdom for a family but also not bad wisdom for any relationship. I loosley have been following these rules in a freindship I have and they are turing into my best freind :)


how good my friend While God is our connection with the person everything will be at peace