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Hello friends of STEEMCHURCH, this wonderful afternoon I will share a little about how the Christian should be after being bought for a very high price (the blood of Jesus) and now that he is in a privileged position before God. We are Christians and as such we must live a life that is consistent with this call.

Paul gives a series of exhortations to make our lives produce the kind of fruits that the Lord wants. A little of what is:

  • We must live in harmony with our brothers in the faith.

  • We must live differently from those who refuse to live and experience the love of God and wait for the right time to transform their lives.

  • And the most important thing is that we should live imitating Christ and only him.

We must live under the control of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18)

In this part before we begin with what it means to live under the control of the Holy Spirit, I would like us to first see in the light of the Bible who He is and what He does in our lives. There is really much misrepresentation regarding the subject of the Holy Spirit.

Many see it as an impersonal force or power that is at our command and that is given to us or comes in pieces. But in simple words, the Holy Spirit is God. The third person of the Trinity. He has all the attributes of God

The holy spirit places in the mind of every human being the truth of God to convince them of how sinful they are and as they respond then what we call salvation in their lives is given. Immediately we believe, He comes to dwell in us


The holy spirit baptizes us at the same moment that we accept Christ as Lord and Savior. This happens only once in our lives to place us within the family of faith.

1 Corinthians 12:13

Jesus physically can not be with us for now, so he sent it to compensate for this fact and thus carry out the same functions: reveal the truth, show us the way forward, convince us, reproach us, grant us His gifts, fill us, etc.

Ephesians 5:18

Pablo has been developing since chapter 4 of Ephesians and is that all of us are not equal to the people of the world but to achieve this he gives us this comforting passage. If you look closely, there is a contrast in this verse. There is talk of not getting drunk (filled) with wine and being filled with the Holy Spirit. Not one thing, but the other. Being filled in this verse is nothing more than being controlled. It is surrendering our will, our intellect, emotions and even our body. ALL

Being filled with alcohol or being filled with the Holy Spirit, both produce an effect but the results are very different.


First we are forbidden to get drunk. It must be said that drunkenness is a sin and we can not take lightly what the Bible tells us about alcohol

Here I want to stop a little friends, because it is very common in the society in which we live today to hear that Christians can take any type of alcoholic beverage because what the Bible forbids is intoxication.

It's real but I always think we should be wise when it comes to doing something. It is always good to ask ourselves the question:

What do I do, glorify God?
Why do I do it?
What is the intention in my heart?
Does my behavior bear witness to Christ to others?

Pablo forbids it because if I fill up with alcohol or drink in excessive amounts, it will dominate me, induce me to the path that we do not want, lose control, affect my mind, remove all perception of reality, etc.

Understanding the benefits of the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Bible itself says what needs to be done to achieve it: Fill your mind with the Word of God, let it dwell in abundance in you.


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