STEEMCHURCH: The Closeness of God in Exodus 33: 1-16; 34: 8-10

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Hello friends of steemit in this opportunity I will talk a little about the closeness of God. I have considered the theme of the omnipresence of God, as "The Nearness of God," because as we will see soon, the closeness of God is one of the highest aspirations of the Christian-the greatest good. This truth greatly impacts our attitudes and actions. Consider then, the closeness of God, the constant presence of God in our lives.

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The Fall of Man: The Lost Nearness.

genesis 3:6-10

It seems that before the fall of Adam and Eve, they enjoyed the privilege of enjoying an intimate relationship and communion with God. From verse 8, we can infer that God walked daily through the garden and that Adam and Eve enjoyed that moment with Him. But when they chose to trust in the devil instead of God and disobey God's command, they sinned. His sin caused separation from God and fear of him. They hid from Him. Sin results in a separation from God and that intimate relationship of communication.

The Exodus and the Nearness of God.

The exodus was not only that time when God freed the captive Israelites from their slavery in Egypt. It was a time when God himself departed from all the other 'gods' (especially the gods of Egypt) and in which he separated the Israelites from the Egyptians (Exodus 9: 4-6; 11: 7). God separated His people Israel from the Egyptians, through plagues; but more importantly, he distinguished Israel by His important presence.

Éxodo 9:4-6; Éxodo 11:7

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God promised to make sure that Israel possessed the promised land of Canaan; but he did not promise that he would be present among His people. This sinful people simply could not survive in the presence of a holy God. However, Moses could not settle for anything other than God dwelling in the midst of His people. This differentiated Israel from the rest of the nations.

Observe how Moses pleads with God, rejecting the promise of God's personal presence before him and how he presses for God's presence to be among His people, Israel:

exodus 33: 13-16

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ere on earth no one is perfect and we are sinners but do you think Jesus would stop loving you for that?
Well, not my friend, the love of God for his children is impressive and the mercy that forgives us and his love is renewed every morning is so great.
Let us not let the enemy separate us from the glory of the father and that we are always close to what God wants to do. Let's listen to what the father wants to tell us and let him take care of all our lives completely, I am a faithful believer that exists an unconditional love and that love has a single name Jesus de nazareth. God bless you.

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