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To say that Venezuela is going through a disproportionate, huge crisis is already something reiterative. You do not have to be a political scientist, an economist, or a sociologist to know it.

Owning economic resources and not having to buy, already says something; staying home from fear of the underworld is another indication; to work responsibly and that the salary does not cover the basic basket, speaks for itself; graduate after much effort, and then not get a job, or get it without the hope of buying a vehicle, less housing, says a lot.

Immensities of fertile soils, great variety of flora and fauna, abundant water, appropriate climate to harvest all year round; marine coasts with an incalculable tourist potential, and for the production of food; abundant oil reserves. Without exaggerating the concept, Venezuela possesses in an equivalent way, the benefits of the Garden of Eden.

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Christians, based on the Bible, the Word of God, have a diagnosis of the situation, and recommendations to resolve it. Now, it is not a matter of believing in God, but of believing God, what he expresses through his Word.


10-11 "Israelites, I will not bear to continue being so evil. Everything they do disgusts me. They become rich through deception; they use false weights and measures, and then they pile everything they have stolen into their homes. 12 The rich take advantage of the poor, and everyone in this city is a liars. 13 "That's why I'm going to punish them; I'm going to destroy them for their sins! 14 Even if they eat, they will not be satisfied, but will remain hungry; what they harvest, they will lose; and even if they manage to rescue something, I will make them lose it in the war. 15 "They will sow wheat, but they will not harvest it; they will squeeze olives to get oil, but they will not use it; they will squeeze grapes to make wine, but they will not drink it.

The prophet Micah describes the terrible situation in Israel, points out the causes, and mentions the consequences. At first glance, it seems that in his anger God punishes his people; However, we must consider that God does not act like men, his love and holiness drive him to good, and can not cause harm to his creature.

The evils to which that town was subjected had a clear origin, they were a consequence of the attitude towards God assumed by them. Based on this text, we can establish a parallel to what happens in Venezuela, without forcing the text or its interpretation.


Every action generates a reaction: the man determines the Divine action with his behavior. What is the consequence of neglecting Divine instructions?

Even if they eat, they are not satisfied, but they remain hungry. Whatever they reap, they will lose it; And even if they manage to rescue something, I'll make them lose it in the war,

Exprimirán aceitunas para sacar aceite, pero no llegarán a usarlo,

Exprimirán uvas para hacer vino, pero no llegarán a beberlo.

That is to say:

Although there are many economic resources, you do not have to buy to eat,

A territory with so much fertile soil, is unproductive, Agriculture is not enough.

When looking for the origin of such a situation, it is observed that it is a consequence of his attitude toward God, and to his neighbor.

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Thus, the Bible has the way out for Venezuela in the face of the crisis it is experiencing, here is the divine approach:

But God has already told you what is the best you can do and what you expect from you. It is very simple: God wants you to be righteous with one another, to be kind to the weakest, and to worship Him as your only God. Micah 6: 8 (TLA)

In the Bible, God has said what is the best thing to do and what is expected of the people. It is very simple what God wants:

Be fair to one another

Kind to the weakest

May Jehovah be the only God and give him all the glory

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That's what God wants from you Venezuela, to get out of the crisis.

Trust in the father that in Him is all the solutions for our Venezuela

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