Steem Clan Are Growing Fast

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The great thing about the Steem blockchain is that we are a global community which is perfect for Satoshi's Treasure. From the beginning we knew we would have to have people all over the world to obtain our clues because over a third of them will be in physical locations. We were lucky enough to have a clan member in Monaco to travel to Nice for the Hunted Key so we need as many people as possible to join our hunt.
A link to our map can be found here. If you are not on it then leave a comment.

The Clan Key Update

We are gathering speed here with some prominent Steemians getting involved. Thanks to @snook, @steevc, @sgt-dan, @revisesociology, @AftanskiEmil, @traciyork, @doctorcrypto @bchenot1, @mytechtrail, @blueeyes8960, @jadams2kx for all making a block today. Loving @bchenot1 video.

The bad news is that the toschicipher clan are after going into a retirement home and the genius's persuaded around 15 grannies to do their gesture and tweet it out which means they are 4 ahead going into Sunday.


The good news is that we have not resorted to the grannies just yet. We are still recruiting loyal Steemians to do a block. We have until the 15th June. This key is one of a kind and only one clan will receive this which means it puts us in the driving seat for the rest of the journey. This is 1 million in bitcoin we are talking about!! Not to be sniffed at.

SBI & Satoshi Treasure Tokens For Anyone Who Does A Block

We will give anyone that does a block 1 SBI for completing a block. We will also be giving out some Satoshi Treasure tokens.

How to Enter

This document will tell you all you need to know in how to do a block. The link to it is here

You can also join our Discord server. Because of the sheer number of Steemians that would like to join , you will have to wait a short while to be verified. But the server is only for Steemians. We have to be serious about our security. A couple of clans did not know we even exist. They do now.

One of their clan members called Steemians
Silver Spoon little Rich Kid Jerks
Not very nice now is it??
They are only realizing now that most of their Discord Server is other clans spying on them with less than half the blocks we have. I think they have given up actually.
This is the reason we only accept Steemians that have history on the platform. We are not an open clan. We are closed because we have the power of the Steem blockchain behind us.

We need more people however. In order to win this. And we can win this. There are two unsolved keys. The Earth Key and The Audubon Keys.

Progress on the Earth Key so Far is here

Progress on the Audubon Key so far is here

These keys have not been solved by anyone yet! It would be really great to get your input no matter how crazy are stupid you may think it is. We need fresh keys on these ones. They are very close to the end but we just cannot get there.

From all of us here at Steem Clan. We hope to see you soon

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We gonna kill it! Great work on your #satoshistreasure #steemclan post. Great job on getting the word out!

I am honored to be a member with you in this Clan.

There are so many things to do. Where did all of these websites and forums come from? It seems everyone I click on has something else going on. It's very confusing. Every post has about a hundred links on it to follow up on. Meantime, I'm just trying to upvote posts to gain Steem. I'm really new, and this is quite confusing. Just how many Steem related websites are there anyway?

We really should be encouraging people to chain two or more blocks together at this point!

Maybe a 'window timetable' would speed things up too?

I'd offer to help organise it all but not only am I working away for the next week, I'll be staying at my Dad's and he doesn't have wi-fi - OMFG!

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Thanks for the shout out, @steemclan and happy to help! In fact, I'm working on a quick blog post about my experience yesterday (inspired by @blueeyes8960's recent post), in the hopes I can get more #seven77 and #PowerHouseCreatives on board! Gotta kick those grannies to the curb (so to speak... 😉😂 )

How do I get added to the map? I am in Arlesey, UK.

Okay. I just filled in the Google form and will wait for the call. =) abit nervous though coz I don't want to make any mistake to break the chain.