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Angry Octo is displeased with your plagiarism!

Hello Steemian friends! Today I present to you my (somewhat almost late) post for the Steemcleaners Avatar Contest hosted by, of course, @steemcleaners.

Due to having a bit of a crazy week, I am going to keep this short. I made a logo a while back, was unhappy with it, thus I came up with this little guy below.

My Entry:



The top image is 300 x 300 as requested, and the bottom one 73 x 73. They are however vector based, thus they can be scaled and recoloured as needed. It's also important to note that there are two colour variants, and that the light blue one is not the same as the copyrighted Steemit colour (In case there was any doubt).

The Process:

In terms of the process I don't have to much to show, I progressively made the shape and then added layers on top, so due to the time constraints I will show only a little of what I have. I am however more than happy to provide the original AI file if required to do so.


Here is some of the outlines and how I started on the angry octo, the last one shows all the shaped I used in creating it.





Above you can see the old ones I did, that I wasn't exceptionally happy with. They were a bit meh... and not very exciting or attractive.

My Tools:

All of this was created in Adobe Illustrator, using my trusty mouse.


Thank you for reading!

Comments, questions and critiques are always welcome.
100% Original Content / Vote / Resteem

Have a wonderful day.
SkippyZA ^_^

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Great idea for a logo. The logo needs to strike fear into those who plagerize and also be easily identifiable to that its instantly recognizable. I feel like you accomplished both with this octopus.


Thank you. Admittedly the octopus has been a theme with steemcleaners, so I can't quit take credit for that, however hopefully this guy will instill at least a little bit of fear. ;P

Cool Angry Octo there!

At first sight I would've gone for the gree/blue Octo, but looking back, the orange one is even more forboding (whelp, just got myself a new Vagabonds adjective!).

the copyrighted Steemit colour

I didn't know you could copyright a colour?

Edit -- I read @steemcleaners post:

the seafoam green Steemit Inc logo is copyrighted

Not the colour then :)


Please remember that the seafoam green Steemit Inc logo is copyrighted and cannot be used. All entries using it should be modified and resubmitted.

I might have been a bit overzealous with that part it seems. I also assume you can't copyright a colour, but to be honest, most of these contests people tend to overuse that sea-green colour anyway, so I tend to shy away from it anyway. Else everything would look the same. ;P


I read that incorrectly - it's the seafoam logo you can't copyright - but you're right; everybody's going to use that. Even so, on rewatching, I found the orange better, grittier somewhat...

Also: green = go, whereas orange = watch out which is exactly what @steemcleaners should be. Upvoted your entry there as well, good luck!


Thank you. :D And I think I ended up agreeing with you, even though I was a bit indecisive, since I ended up using the orange one as my main featured on the cover and comment.

All-in-all it looks a bit like something in between a pacman ghost and a melting orange, but I do think it's at least somewhat distinctive and just a little bit cute. :P

Thank you again for all the support, greatly appreciated. :D


My pleasure! I didn't see the pacman-reference until you mentioned it now, haha.. Classic inspiration :D

That is a slick octopus! My favourite so far :D


Thanks @niko3d! :D I have no idea if i missed the deadline on this contest or not, but hopefully i converted the time corrctly. :P


Time looks good to me :-) just and no more haha.

Really creative art. I hope you win! upvoted!


Thank you very much! :D Winning would be great, but either way, I really enjoyed making the little angry octo. :)

Angry Octo ftw!!! :D

Love it! I feel like "Angry Octo is Displeased with your plagiarism" should be a thing, like the Twitter fail whale. Just a casual little way to tag that you know/suspect someone stole something.


I like it! Sold. :D If only I had the power to make something a "thing". Thank you for the comment.

Haha that's awesome @skippyza good luck!

Neat logo buddy!


Thank you. I appreciate the comment. ^^