SteemConnect: Login with memo key is now disabled



Hey developers,

Here is a small update to inform you that today we've made a change on SteemConnect for disable login with private memo key. This change has been requested previously mostly because there been a lot of private keys leaking around. Since the release of Byteball bot to reward users for Steem attestations we've preferred to disable login with memo for good to avoid abuses.


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I not understood the link with Byteball but everyone said thanks then it's mean this change is a good thing (ps: just realize than busy made steemconnect hahaha Great job)

Thanks fabien

Thanks for your update @fabien

thank for update @febian

Hello, good to hear it from you. @fabien

Thanks for the update!

Great update. :)

Thank you so much for the update!

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Good updates, this can prevent future abusers. Thanks for doing it!
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Oh so that's why. Haha. Thanks for the update! 👍

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