Cryptocurrencies in the future - I just know it will be cool!


One of my favorite TV shows during my childhood was Macgyver. I am getting old, so not the "new" Macgyver, but the real, old, classic - starring Richard Dean Anderson. He could fix and solve anything, and while doing so, he always caught the bad guys.

There are many scenes I remember from the show, but one of my coolest memories is the following guy.
macgyver phone.PNG
Picture from The Macgyver Project

Can you see that mobile phone? Isn't it amazing? A child growing up today would for sure believe it to be a bazooka, but no - this is a phone!

What has this got to do with the future of cryptos?

The episode in which this phone can be seen was recorded in 1985! 35 years later, the phones are so small (even though they are actually growing in size again due to the sizes of the monitors), and even though they are still used for conversations, they are actually used to solve any problem you might have in life!

It shows us a big and clumsy version of something that feels so much more natural and obvious today!

In the end of the 1990s, I resisted the mobile phone. I didn't want one! I wanted to be on the outside. I didn't want people to contact me all the time. I felt cool not having one!

A few years later, I got myself a cell phone, and now I am walking around with it and checking it all day around!

Come one - where are you going with this?

Phones have changed a lot. First it became something that the rich could get. Then it became available to the average person, and later, even to the poor... and today, it is something everyone has to have! It is impossible to live without it, because you need to be available!

Cryptos as of 2020 is something that reminds us of the phone in the picture above. To most people, it feels complicated and they just consider it to be stupid. Many also refer to it as a rich mans hobby, or digital Monopoly (where they cryptos are the in-game money). But, what will happen to crypto in the future?

Just like the phones have changed, crypto will change, it will adapt, it will become more and more normal, and then one day, maybe in 10 years or maybe in 15 years, it will suddenly be something used by everyone... simply because it has turned into such a regular part of our lives.

How will this happen?

We are always looking for practical solutions to our problems! That is why we pay with our VISA or MasterCard in the store and online. It is way more practical than running around with cash! We book a hotel room with breakfast, because it is way easier than waking up hungry in the morning with nothing to eat (might not be the best example, but some will get the point).

crypto world.png

What crypto might look like in the future!

Cryptos is about to make things better, easier, and more interesting! Why blog for nothing, when you can make a decent income from publishing on Steem? This is especially true for poorer countries in which a monthly income from Steem of around 50 USD actually means a lot? If you are talented and work hard, you can easily earn more!

Why play the standard games, when you can play World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, FIFA, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and other games and earn rewards that can be turned into money by doing so? Here you can use your crypto rewards to make in-app purchases, or cash them out if you feel like?

Why let Microsoft and Google take advantage of your data and sell it for loads of money, when you can take care of it yourself and get an income by selling your own data. Instead of feeding the big corporates, you can earn yourself. Tools such as Presearch and Brave Browser are two very good initiatives available already today paving the way for others!

Why loose the rights to your inventions and lots of money as people steal your ideas? Now you can timestamp blog posts and more on the blockchain and secure your inventions!

Why spend lots of money and wait for several days to make an international money transfer, when you can use Steem, Ripple, Stellar (and who knows what in the future) to make a giant transfer of millions of dollar in less than a few seconds, costing you less than a Dollar?

Why pay giant interest rates to your bank for a loan, when you can secure and fix your own loan online using the blockchain technology in a few minutes? You don't even have to pay a 3rd party for a job, because it is all fixed by a blockchain-contract?

Why pay thousands of dollars for a Louis Vuitton bag in a market that you fear might be fake, when you can scan it with your cell phone and find out immediately if it is the real deal or not using the blockchain technology and seeing the actual "stamps" from the production line of the bag.

And then... schools will record grades in the blockchain! Your failure at the math exam when you were 13 will be recorded forever!!! And then comes your medical records. Wherever you are in the world, you can bring your medical record, your vaccine book, and all there of information with you!

math exam.png

Your bicycle will automatically send info to the blockchain and record the distance covered, calories burned, and maybe even your shoes can do the same job? Do you need to repair your car? The information about previous repairs and fixes can all be found, stored in the blockchain!

Do you get the point? It is almost impossible to imagine it entirely, but the technology is here to stay, and the crypto currencies will grow together with the blockchain technology!

I really do feel as if we are watching the giant mobile phone of the solider in Burma (currently Myanmar) when thinking of cryptos in 2020. To most people, it just looks like a show, or a show-off. But, it is about to turn mainstream, and we will soon see it turn into something way fitter and more nice-looking, something that everything and everyone will use every single day!

It is only a question of time!

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Thanks for yet another awesome challenge. I really enjoy all the great articles about crypto shared here on Steem. Thank you :) Shared the article on Twitter (as always)!

Quite on point with your opinion here. In the future, there's going to be significant differences in the state of crypto between then and now. As people begin to discover that there's a possibility of a passive income earned by just storing their money, more people will chose to store some money as crypto. As more innovations come up, making crypto safer to use, more transactions will be via via crypto. As governments begin to accept crypto as a form of payment, you'll see banks buying over exchanges and offering crypto accounts. Just as the switch from wired to mobile phones was facilitated by some inventions accessible via mobile phones like mobile communication between any parts of the world, mass adoption of crypto will be facilitated as more and more inventions accessible via crypto come up.

Nice post.
#onepercent #nigeria

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Great and innovative write up. I perfectly I agree you are on point. Gone at the days when we saw that we could not afford and it's even waste of time, by the time we heard the whistle blow, the crypto has hit $10,000. Who believed that?

Thanks for this write up

Good one Broo!!!