Wrapped Bitcoin FTW - Multi-Chain Bitcoin



I have wrote about this before but I think that wrapped Bitcoin shows the future of what cryptocurrency can be by working on several chains instead of one. This way people in the community can stop fighting that there chain is better than your chain and you should by this coin and dump that coin. We are all in the same boat and we should start helping each other to bring the space to the masses. Bitcoin is still the head of the pack and it is kicking butt today in the market with another big jump in price. Not only is Bitcoin getting more popular it is also getting more uses by the day while still keeping the uses of being a strong solid asset you can hold in your wallet.

Digital Gold

Bitcoin isn't about the applications but about being a store of value with a fixed supply rate. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin so as inflation goes up over the years this should lead to an increase in the price of Bitcoin. You cannot make any more and people can track how many there are. Even gold increases it's supply as people mine for it and although it sounds like science fiction one day we will mine for gold in space. But this is a long way off so don't think it is going to effect price anytime soon. This makes Bitcoin an attractive option to keep some money if it continues to be accepted worldwide by the growing community. Despite the use of this what bitcoin was missing was dapps. There are no apps running on the bitcoin blockchain. Not that it needs it, it has it's purpose, but it can add more use to the coin. However with wrapped bitcoin that has changed.

Digital Gold With Dapps

Now people can take there bitcoin and wrap it on a different network like Tron in order to use it for dapps. This locks the bitcoin in (which will decrease the supply on the market) and allow users to use their bitcoin on a network that has dapps on it. This is a big leap forward and gives Bitcoin more range. Not only is it the most widely known and held crypto but can now be used on different networks to new reasons. This can lead to less friction in the crypto space and help bitcoin to reach more users while still being that original store of value.

When Bitcoin starts to get wrapped on in several chains there will a lot more exposure to the coin and it could lead to more people buying it on their network or originally did not have the interest. We are really growing a network here that can benefit from users in different communities helping each other.

Soon chains should start working with each other in many ways and Bitcoin can still lead the charge for the space. With more eyes on crypto and more users getting interested soon the tide will turn and the world of the digital economy can start to emerge for businesses and freelancers.

Here is another guess for what the price will be by the end of the month.

The price of Bitcoin will be 13,751.33

This is just a random guess and even though Bitcoin is the most known and well invested in coin it is still a risk like every cryptocurrency. Please do your own research and only invest with money you can afford to lose.

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Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! - https://kintum.io/
Trade on all cryptocurrency exchanges from one interface! - https://kintum.io/