Justin Sun is Pushing a Token Swap That (DPoS Consensus) Does Not Want

5개월 전

A tyrant with that much Steem is much more dangerous than Ned. @inertia Do you understand that all of our work is being flushed down the toilet unless we intervene now and talk to these exchanges as a community.

We must petition to all Steem users and ask them if they want to delete all of Steem's content (through inaction at this time) from the internet and not have access to it anymore. This is the reality of Sun's plans. Lets make the world better with Steem, not a tron shitcoin pretending to be Steem while at the same time loosing all of our data.

Fork or no fork, a stake prune of Steemit or not. We have to debate every option rigorously right away.

  1. Fork Sun completely out.
  2. Freeze Sun's stake for 10 years
  3. Engineer a completely new witness operation system that changes the weight of Steemit Inc Stake (with new democratic repo tied in)
  4. Build a new chain with new chain ID and get exchanges to swap to new ID
  5. Your Suggestion Here.
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1 steem, 1 witness vote seems to solve this issue.

At this point, tron bought their stake, and taking it would be hazardous to the chain's credibility.


If they want to make Steem great i'm all about it. I'd just like to see chainID staying the same ; or them bringing out incredible democratic DAO consensus mechanics that can change the world. Lets go big or go home. ; The original message of "Give us your steem , we already own the majority and we want the rest" did not sit very well.

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