SelfSteem update

2년 전

SelfSteem has been updated to use the new Steem HTTP RPC instead of the deprecated WebSocket RPC.



  • Switch to HTTP RPC
  • Update to latest dsteem
  • French translations – thanks @oroger!
  • Chinese translations – thanks @skenan!

Download SelfSteem on GitHub


SelfSteem is a self-hosted steem-backed blog that automatically pulls your posts in from the blockchain – check out the demo

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Pretty cool! I love how it looks!


Thanks! 🖖

At least 40% of the reason I read your posts is for the footnotes.

I like turtles.

Classic. 🐢
Hope you post again soon since I missed the upvote window on this one, facepalm emoji
Thanks for the computering and more importantly the lolz!


Thanks Sara! :) 🧘🏻‍♂️

Very Cool, I love it!

Totally awesome. Would it be possible to have the comments as well on a SelfSteem site?