There are 11 nodes out there already! How many do you use?

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Hello again, everyone!

I haven't posted since a while because I was busy coding. I'm learning JavaScript and if I do that, why not do something useful? Sometime in the coming weeks I will announce my project and you will love it! I don't want to spoil the surprise but my bot tries to patch a very important deficiency of the platform. (any Steem platform)
The bot is in closed beta now and at the moment I am still trying to find a good server [and a cheap one:)] for long therm use.

So as I was developing slowly, painfully, but also with joy when things go well, I gained a little knowledge about how Steem works. For example now I know if you want to connect to the blockchain and get any information from it, you need to use RPC nodes. RPC is the abbreviation of Remote Procedure Calls, if you want to know. At the beginning there was one RPC called This is as old as Steemit itself because this is what the (so far) most popular platform uses.

More, we need more!

As time passed, and Steem grew, there came some more but the numbers are really doubled since a few weeks when there was a hiccup in the most popular RPC's availability. Many witnesses decided than to make their own RPC nodes for the community. Thanks to that non organized movement, as is today, we have 11 nodes available for the public. Probably there are even more, but if you don't have money for buying a super infrastructure or just want to make sure that your platform never falls as victim of an overcrowded server, than you might just keep it in secret. Nothing is wrong with that.

Here is the list of the nodes in no particular order, if you want to use them in your project:
If you click on the creator's name, you can read the annunciation posts and probably you can get some sense on the specifications too.

wss:// by @gtg
wss:// by @followbtcnews
wss:// by @pharesim
wss:// by @privex
wss:// by @netuoso
wss:// by @steemit
wss:// by @steemit
wss:// by @steemit (new version of steemd, not officially available yet, no guarantee of flawless operation until public release)
wss:// by @steemit
wss:// by @buildteam
wss:// by @bitcoiner

That's all for now! If you are aware of other nodes, please tell me so that I can include it in the list for everybody's help. Helping is good!

Bye now!

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What exactly are Steem nodes? And what do they do?


They provide connection to the blockchain for developers. You can stream the blocks live or access any public user data, post, comment, etc with your software.

Also, if you have a bot or a site (like Steemit for example), you need to connect to an RPC node to interact with the chain: vote, comment, etc...


Oh ok. I think I get it lol Thanks ;)

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