How to calculate estimated account value: Part One / 如何计算账户估值:第一部分

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Are you curious about your estimated account value? Or, curious about estimated account value of your friends?

Get estimated account value in wallet page

You can check your estimated account value in your wallet after your logged in, and you can check your friend's wallet by visit without login. But, Have you noticed that there are some differences between them?

Take my account for example:

✅️Check my wallet after logged-in

❌️Check my wallet without logged-in

Pay attention to where I marked it, the estimated account value after logged-in in is more than without logged-in. Why? ⚠️Because the assets in internal market are not counted in estimated account value if this account is not logged in.

So, if your friends have a lot of assets in internal market, you will get a completely wrong value.

How to solve this problem?

There is a API get_open_orders, will return all open orders in internal market of the specified account, and then we can calculate the assets in internal market of this account.

Is it enough? No!
After we got account's assets in internal market by script, we need to manually add them to the values we got from web page(wallet), This is very annoying thing. A better way is to read the user's wallet information by script too, and then add the corresponding information together.

What we need to get?

To read the user's wallet information, we need to get the following information:


Is it enough now? No!

There a function in wallet called Convert to Steem, if you use it to convert SBD to STEEM, your SBD will disappear from the wallet, until it be converted successfully.

So, It should be better if we can obtain the assets(SBD) to be converted.
Fortunately, there is a API called get_conversion_requests. We can use it to calculate the amount of assets(SBD).

And after HF18, users need to claim their rewards manually, so to accurately calculate the estimated account value, we need to add this part: Rewards to be claim


Estimated account value contains four parts:

  1. The assets in wallet( And in SAVINGS)
  2. The assets in internal market
  3. The assets(SBD) in conversion processes
  4. The assets(rewards) to be claimed

To calculate estimated account value, we need to get following items:

  • STEEM in internal market
  • STEEM DOLLARS in internal market
  • STEEM DOLLARS in conversion requests
  • STEEM Reward to be claimed
  • STEEM POWER to be claimed
  • STEEM DOLLARS to be claimed

I'll explain how to get these items in my next article.
Thank you for reading.


如果没有登陆,或者ID A登录查看ID B的钱包, 在内部市场的资产不被显示。

除此之外,转换中的资产, 以及待收取的收益,也没有计算在内。

  • 钱包资产(保护存款账户)
  • 内部市场资产
  • 转换中的资产
  • 待收取的资产


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Your post is really helpful for me as a new steemian. When i heard my friends withdrawing their SBD, i don't know how they calculate it. Your post really tells me how to do that. Thank you.

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纵然STEEMIT UI已经进步了很多,但是还有很多需要完善的地方



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I'll explain it in my next article.

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