Steemit Feed Filters: How To Increase Curation Quality...

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There’s one feature that would be excellent to introduce in the next hardfork - or perhaps, it needn’t even have to wait until the hardfork, but could simply be implemented on Steemit’s interface rather than the blockchain itself...?

(If they can introduce a Google Ads to make the site look like a f^<k!ng mid-90’s dump, surely this idea couldn’t be that impractical.)

The option to filter out certain tags of feeds.

The idea had first come a few weeks ago through discussion over the abundance of Actifit posts in the “new” feed, which some may find incredibly irrelevant and distracting. And since, I’ve seen more and more of the “check out my latest fight” posts.

Frankly, I don’t give a fuck about either of these types of posts, and would prefer not to see them in my feeds.

Though today, upon making a post and seeing 90% of the “new” feed with such garbage, it occurred to me: having the option to filter out posts using certain tags would not only make the customized user experience more enjoyable, but serve to increase the quality of curated content that makes it up the ranks to be seen on Steemit.

Think about it...

How many people are going to want to curate when they have to sort through heaps of garbage?

Personally, I used to check out some of the content in the “new” feed. Now - since it’s mostly Actifit and fight reports - nope.

As I understood it, the whole premise of incetivization for curation was to help get the better content more visibility. Yet if less and less people are bothering to curate because of all this type of clutter, the higher the likelihood of quality content getting seen and voted on.

How to actually get something like this implemented?

Fucked if I know.

Though if you agree this would be a worthwhile feature - both to be able to customize your own feeds to filter out tags you don’t care to see and as a potential means of increasing the quality of curated content for the site - then perhaps at the least this post may be worth a resteem to assist in propagating the idea to a wider audience, should it eventually get to the attention of someone who’d be in a position to implement it...

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I like this idea, @rok-sivante! Especially because I follow a lot of people and many times I usually spend some time reviewing a material that in the end has no greater value or I am not interested. Lost time and failed reading! Right now, when time is money, it becomes fair and necessary to read texts of quality or that have excellent proposals. I'll put it in circulation.

All this actfit and fight posts suck indeed. Would be really neat to block them.

I personally curate only for the people that show up in my feed. All of the Trending,New, Hot and Promoted feeds are broken.

I agree! I started unfollowing people who keeps only making drugwar and actfit posts.
I mean, I think these blockchain apps are cool idea but I don't really want to know what people are doing on them. It's just worse when it is just flooding your feed.
Some of these people I don't want to unfollow since they are still making interesting posts once in a while. So, a way to filter those annoying posts out would be a good idea!

Hi rok. I couldn't agree more. My feed is full of users I follow, but there are more of these types of posts coming through not which is not great. Some of the Actifit posts I don't overly mind too much, but the fight posts I have no interest at all. A tag to remove those types from your feed would make the experience a whole lot better.

Yes I agree. All this "Check out my Drug Wars fights" are getting hugely annoying. A little bit more control of filters would be a nice thing to have.

Also, Steemits own search engine would be a great thing. But I thing such a thing isn't coded over night. And instead of getting rid of Google we now implement Google Ads lol

Whats your thought on this topic? I wrote an article were I put down mine

have great time



Sir @rok-sivante i am the in this steemit. I think this is the amazing idea to Increase Curation Quality.

Sounds like something to be implemented on Hivemind.

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