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@transisto suggested it would make it more convenient to use SteemReports if you could enter a Steem account name only once, and then have a list of links to take you to the different reports more quickly.

I've added this, and included a few other bits of data from my Sincerity project that you might find useful.

Human Content Creator Score

The probability (according to my machine learning algorithm) that this account is operated by a human, and not a spammer.

KVests Owned

The amount the account has invested in the platform.

Comment Exchange Count

The number of replies the account has made in response to replies to their comments.

Reputation Score

You know this one, for what it's worth these days ;)

You use the new function from the search box on the front page, and several other pages.

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Great site, I especially like the delegation tool. The only thing I might add would be the date and current SP value of the delegations. But still very useful even without those pieces.


Thanks for the feedback - they're good ideas. I think I can probably use SP instead of Vests soon, but adding the date of delegation would need a database change, so is probably less likely to happen.

Nice tool that I didn't know about and which will be added to my favorites in order to quickly access the data.
One idea that I want to propose is to enlarge the time period as 1 Month ago I find it limiting for me. I know (as I am a software tester) that there are performance constraints, but I think that getting over it you'll provide more economical value through the tool.
Keep up the good work and development of the tool!

I've played with it a little bit and I have to say this tool adds another layer to the steem game. Some things come out too clearly to be ignored. Self-upvote percent is a good one, upvoting directions and delegation stats too. I hope you're gonna keep developing it :)

Nice that you classified me as a Bot. Seems you missed the category "Human Content Curator".


Hi, I've actually literally just removed that tool from the website, as it has now been superseded by a new more accurate tool (though it's obviously still not perfect):

It uses the last 14 days worth of data, and if there haven't been many comments, it doesn't find it easy to determine the correct category.

HEY HEY Can you please fix Steemreport now that SBD price is more or less back to peg so we can find our stats for outgoing vote value for @wafrica fora project im working on?

I love your steemreports site and would love to do a collaboration with you where we make a site like Dappradar that includes STEEM. That side-by-side comparison will show just how much STEEM dapps blow away ETH and EOS ones. If you're interested, message me on discord. Same handle.

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hey guys, I think in a few days the information is not updated on the website. I use it for curating with @dcooperation , I don't know if it's related to the account or to the website. Please can you check ?

can u add nigeria naira as one of the base currency for conversion


Sorry, but I'm unlikely to have the time/resources to include the many other world currencies for conversion.

Thanks for the information sir.

Hello, I've just registred my account and sent 0.5SBD but I cannot access to my account :(.

@haejin is dangerous

Dimimp is listed at the top voter for today with a selfvote of 143265.
His blog doesnt show a post for today.
What does 143265 represent? R shares? Mvests? Something else?
That vote is ~5x the next vote of haejin.
What gives?

Excellent friend very good report good congratulations

Great updates! Thanks so much, I love SteemReports!!