Estimate curation reward before voting

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I'm currently interested in Steemit curation. I play around with stuff, experiment and try different approaches. One thing I keep asking myself is “How much will I earn if I upvote this post right now and it will eventually become worth X?”

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It proved to be a surprisingly hard question to answer! API makes all kinds of things available at whim, but you're out all by yourself to figure out what to do with them. It seems I'm the first guy trying to do this after hard fork 19, so googling didn't help much. I had to literally dig into Steem source code to understand how rewards are actually calculated. I hope this post will be a good starting point for someone trying to wrap their head around post-HF19 curation rewards calculation.

Following snippet of code estimates curation reward for upvoting, provided that at the time of reward distribution post will be worth given amount of SP. It takes into account penalty for early upvoting (30 minutes after publication), as well as voter's possibly depleted voting power. It should be up-to-date with Hard Fork 19 that affected curation. I used Steem sources as a reference.

Good luck apprehending this mess :)

Documentation for libs used can be found here:

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I like this post. If you would like to work together to try to figure this out, let me know.

Nice post


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yes please share some more of your steem insights?

Upvote, curation, reward, SP, etc is a huge confusion in my head . So I just blog and read posts , like yours to understand ! 😊... By the way , if I upvote my post,I should do it after 30 minutes of posting . Is this what you said ? And thanks so much for appreciating my work . Truly grateful 😊


Upvoting own posts does not give you curation rewards. It does pay author rewards as usual, but no curation. In this sense it does not matter when you upvote. I'd say it's better to upvote early to increase visibility and rating of your post as soon as possible.

Curation is for upvoting others. This is the way Steem pays for finding and sharing good content.


ok... thank you for the information and for creating awareness. I understand about upvoting for other posts :)


Actually you can get self curation by upvoting after 15 minutes, it works out to the same as if you voted when posting. The difference is it can add to the curation rewards of your followers and supporters.

This is good food for thought. It helps me understand why people would take the time to read their post, and not upvote it. Which is something I don't do. I try and upvote every post I find interesting. Like yours! Thanks for the info!

Thanks for sharing

Hello friend it's been a long time since you post something i missed your posts so waiting for you to share something new.

So what is a good strategy for curation? Should I wait 30 minutes on a post I want to upvote? Should I be the first upvoter? etc...


I don't think there's a simple mathematically-proven answer. I currently don't vote until post is 10 minutes old, and I tend to skip posts that are $1+ already (unless maybe they have obvious potential for $100+). But all this is more of a gut feeling rather than statistically proven strategy to follow.


Thank you for sharing. Apparently, there must be a strategy in upvoting :)


I am not sure if it has changed, but I believe the rewards diminish the less time that has elapsed toward 30 minutes. And I think the first 10 voters get rewards for curating.

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