BBQ Pitmasters

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You've seen a million Cooking Shows but none like this. BBQ Pitmaster's is a Television Program that brings you into the Barbecue Competition World.

America's Top BBQ Teams in Competition. In this Show, Teams from all over the U.S. compete to become the Kingsford BBQ Pitmaster's Grand Champion.

Professional Judges like BBQ champion Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone, Aaron Franklin, Melissa Cookston and Big Moe Cason, score the food prepared by the Contestants on Taste, Tenderness and Appearance.

The Best Team then advances to the next round to get one step closer to becoming the BBQ PITMASTER'S GRAND CHAMPION and win $50,000 in prize money!

Listed below, you will find some of the US Barbecue Pitmaster's going for the Championship!

To Be the Best, you have to Beat the Best!


Michael Character
: Celebrity Pitmaster Cook Mike is known for his unique style and incredible talent for slow and low

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