STEEM EASY CONTEST, choose your option and win SBD [W5]

4개월 전


Finally it has been a good week for STEEM, as you can see, STEEM yesterday (11:14 [UTC+2] time) worth more than exactly one week before, in particular, STEEM price according to COINMARKETCAP is 0.356354 USD, + 14.5% more than 7 days before... let's see if it can keep rising.

Congratulations to the winners who bet for this option this week :
@gungho @masoom @javirid @heroldius @chrisparis @vlogger147 @calatorulmiop @ronaldoavelino @manuelgil64 @green77 @mrhill
(3 contestants have been excluded from the prize since they didn't follow the rules)
50% of the SBD obtained by this post have been divided and sent to each one of you.
Please, note that some contestants as @andreja , @androssgb and @cryptofrancois did not follow the contest rules so, despite their option was correct they are not rewarded.


Thanks to

who participated and resteemed the post as required in the rules.

Let's start a new week...

  • Are you a master in trading predictions?
  • Do you think you can forecast the short term price of STEEM with certain accuracy ?

If so, this is your contest:

according to the Coinmarketcap at 10:10 Hours [UTC+02], STEEM price is 0.406085 USD .


What will be the price of STEEM exactly at exactly 7 days from now?

Don't worry, I am not going to ask you for an accurate value to the 5th tenth, instead I am going to ask you if the prices of STEEM will be BELOW or ABOVE the current price.


In order to participate in the contest you have to upvote the post and upvote just one of the following two comments:

  1. “STEEM will have a price ABOVE the current price in 7 days time” or
  2. “STEEM will have a price BELOW the current price in 7 days time”

So, please do the following because they are mandatory for the contestants:

  • Upvote the post.
  • Choose just one of the two comments written by me below and upvote it.
  • Resteem this post, it will help in order to increase the "rewarding pool"

CONTEST REWARDS: The 50% of the SBD earned in this post will be distributed equally between the winners after 7 days of its publication.

VERY IMPORTANT: The contest will close in 24h from the publication of the post. Contestants participating later on will not be rewarded.



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2-“STEEM will have a price BELOW the current price in 7 days time”

1-“STEEM will have a price ABOVE the current price in 7 days time”

Gracias por el premio, @toofasteddie

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De nada, no es mucho pero ayuda...creo

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Si te digo la verdad, no valoro la cantidad, que tampoco está mal gracias al ratio steem/sbd

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Pagate unas birras @javirid xD

Thank you for the cool contest @toofasteddie

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Thanks, but not the best :-)

Thank you @toofasteddie.
You're the best!

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