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So I will just talk about something that makes me feel good today, my Steem-Engine Tribes portfolio, I am showing you a screenshot of the tokens I have staked, these are not all the tokens I own it's just that these are the only ones I can stake.

Is this portfolio worth anything? I frankly have no idea what it is worth at the moment, I have no idea if it could go up in price in the future or if it just fizzles out and dies, I don't care what I like is that I see it grow every day without doing anything just making my usual every day Steem post plus my ACTIFIT report, I get tokens for free.

Of course I expect them to go up in price and make me rich in the future, unlikely still I've heard of worse dreams. Now being realistic I would wager most of these tribes in the near or far future will just die, there is not enough space for all of them. But I can also wager that more than a few will make their owners very happy.

So as long as I can get them for free I might as well stake them, I have no need for them right now and I think the smart thing is wait and see what the future says. Of course many people have become whales in many of these tribes, have invested money, a lot of time in curating and are so far ahead of where I am, still with just my little portfolio I also feel I am a part of them, probably one of the things that will help Steemit keep afloat.

Yes, I am not a good tribe member I don't do much voting, so I don't help out my fellow tribe members that much and also lose out on curation rewards but I do give out a vote every now and then especially in the ones where I have more power, makes more sense you know.

So Steem Engine is just another part of this crypto world a land of maybe, maybe it will make us rich or maybe it will fizzle out and die, still while it is there we are all following and hoping things work out just fine.

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