Business Plan v2 Competition Entry:Conservation and carbon footprint centric game company

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this is my entry to Aggroed's Business plan competition v2

1 Describe the problem

The World we live in needs to change. environmental impacts due to centuries of resource mining exploitation without caring about the harm it does to the land,animals,water supplies,and people.
deforestation,over use of water for industrial purposes,mass extinction of plants and animals,releasing large pollutants into the air land and water.
not for a betterment of life for all but for the wealth accumulation and capitalistic gains of the corporations and the social elite.
3rd world countries with vast natural resources are also being exploited by corporations and people of exceptional wealth and power thus keeping many people with little means to survive to be forced into feeding the machines of "progress" just to keep food on the table because there is no other solutions out there looking to help them.

2 Share your vision for the solution

My vision is to build a game company that puts these problems in front of a wide audience of players through fun interactive games that teach people how to manage resources,use conservation methods to renew what resources that can be renewed and encourage the resources that cannot to be recycled/reused in a eco friendly way.
as well as encourage collaborative methods of problem solving sharing of resources and skills rewarding those that bring balance to their individual communities.

3 Tell us the mission of the company or app

The mission of the company(grid9games) will be to promote reducing your carbon footprint in the real world,encouraging conservation efforts on an individual and local community scale,and to bring peace and love to the world. we will also be donating a portion of all profits of the games towards local,and international non profit organizations that provide conservation efforts in reforestation,recycling,and water well creation for communities that must travel daily to fresh water sources on foot

4 What product/service will you sell?

Our free to play flagship game(TwinForge)currently in development will encourage individuals and communities to achieve a harmonious balance of resource gathering,crafting,town,city, and community building in a game world that punishes those that exploit over farming of resources and discourages toxic individuals,provides basic income to all game characters and will provide ways for players to earn real money through the sale of in game materials gathered,investment in resource renewal goals,and or crafted into usable items.

5 How will it incorporate a steem-engine token?

We will be converting select in game items into custom tokens with the intention of players being able to find enough ways in the game to easily earn steem consistently on a daily basis through the sale of ingame items.
we wish to over time provide increasing items(expanding the sellable game token list) and contests that allow anyone to earn game currencies and or steem for free.

Our revenue model will consist of selling

multiple tiers of monthly subscriptions to TwinForge as well as lifetime versions of the subscription plans

small plots of ingame land that is required for anyone that wishes to mine personal resources in the game(there will be ways players can mine other peoples resources if they are abandoned or provide bounties)

ingame resource producing items for land that need a little push in recovery and encourages renewable practices

blueprints to buildings that when completed will become sellable and or salvageable into reusable materials for future expansion.

land reservations to large stretches of land that cannot be claimed by other people and will require future purchases of land within the reservation area to become usable for towns and city building

future games will carry over select items that will become interchangeable through multiple game types and will encourage collaboration of communities around the world through possible location based resource collection and mobile centric game mechanics.

final thoughts and message

while winning this business plan competition would greatly expedite the progress of my plans with this currently 1 man game company, i have already started creating the 1st game and am actively attempting to sell off assets with the intention of securing a website custom tokens and building the 1st automated versions of this game so regardless of the outcome i hope everyone that wishes to follow the progress of this game follow this account and feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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I like the idea of learning with gaming - everything is more fun in a game!


the crafting guilds in the game will hopefully introduce and reward players with creative ideas for game objects and influence further expansions into that aspect of the game.

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