Steemitri The Mannequin thanking you for the STEEM ENGINE tokens


Dear Steemians,

With this post I would like to thank all users that have been so nice and friendly to send me some of their STEEM ENGINE tokens!

Here is my previous STEEM ENGINE post :-)

A little bit of kindness and curiosity and the STEEM community responds amazingly!

Here’s my today’s WALLET:

A big thank you goes to…

… the team of STEEM ENGINE: @aggroed, @yabapmatt and @harpagon
… to @whatsup for having sent 1 DRAMA @dramatoken
… to @ran.koree for the JJM and a DRAMA token
… to @amico for the TPU and the NINJA
… to @portokens for the PORT
… to Asher @abh12345 for his ENGAGE
… to @uwelang and @detlev for letting me taste the BEER tokens
… to @virtualgrowth for the VGIFT

I'm still collecting tokens ;-)

... but now it’s my turn!

I need 100 ENG to create some tokens, where 1 ENG = 1 STEEM.
At this time I have 20 STEEM available… I would need 80, but slowly I’ll get there.

Hence, leave your upvote to speed up the process.

I also accept donations in STEEM or ENG… and in exchange you’ll receive some mannequin-tokens as soon as they will be produced.

Details about this token and its use will follow soon ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Steemitri The Mannequin

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  ·  작년

Hai il mio appoggio, caro manichino! 😜

Non vedo l’ora ti ammirare il tuo token... sarà di plastica? 🤔

Un caro abbraccio! 🤗

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Grazie carissimo!!!
Te ne spedirò un bel po'!
Di plastica esatto, hahahaaaaa!!! Fonderò un braccio e una gamba per creare delle belle monetine plasticose, hahahaaaaa

haha! fun. Best of luck in your endeavor. I'll send 1 ENG


Mega mega thank you!!!
Big plastic hug!
Steemitri The Mannequin

meglio delle figurine!


Haha, già... ce l'ho... ce l'ho... mi manca etc. etc.

Che spettacolo!!!
Penso anche io di avere qualcuno di questi token.
Come faccio a controllare @steemitri?
Esiste una sorta di guida?

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Dai aspetto la moncia-lira :-)
Comunque vai su ed entri con la posting key ... Fine.
Poi puoi controllare se qualcuno ti ha girato qualche token ;-)
Non appena faccio il mio, te ne giro qualcuno.


Che bellezza il banana token!!! 🍌

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