Trying out investing in Bitcoin Pegged (BTCP) on Steem Engine (2019.10.24)

2개월 전

I am talking about a very small amount.

I bought 0.000042 Bitcoin Pegged (BTCP) for 2.5116 Steem Pegged (STEEMP). The price of 1 Bitcoin Pegged (BTCP) would be 59 800 Steem Pegged (STEEMP).

The amount is small, but the thrill and the excitement is still here. Maybe this was a good move, and I will earn a small fraction of Steem in the near future by selling it at a higher price, but maybe not. We will see. Maybe I should not have invested in Bitcoin Pegged (BTCP). There are a lot of tokens and coins on Steem Engine. Maybe I missed a (much) better investment opportunity. But this is probably still better than buying lottery tickets. I mean that I (and everyone else) probably have a better chance to make some profit with Bitcoin (BTC) investments, than with buying lottery tickets.

I am writing this both to myself as a note, and to anyone, who are interested in investing on Steem Engine.

If anyone read this, then I would like to read about your experiences with investing on Steem Engine.

Do you have favorite coins/tokens to trade with? Can you suggest something?

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